What is Lipstick at Weekends?

Blogging is all about finding your niche right? Well mine is kind of a bit of everything from me trying to be funny and ranting about things that happen day to day to reviews to travel. There’s all sorts. I write a lot about LGBT stuff because I’m the L in that little acronym and this stuff matters to me.

The blog started life as ‘I Shout When I Mean to Whisper’ on Blogspot but I quickly realised that it wasn’t exactly snappy. That was around the time I realised my blog was actually being read by people (not just me and my Dad!) and so Lipstick at Weekends was born! The rest as they say is history.

Now what? How about you read some of my posts?

I hope you like what you’re reading- I’d love to know which your favourites are, so let me know!

Kiss, kiss and all that.

Laura | Lipstick at Weekends