Open thank you’s to those I love

Everyone’s always all “I’m not very materialistic”; “I don’t need anything to be happy” blah blah. Well I, for one, like things. I’m partial to a new pair of shoes or something a bit snazzy and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t.  At 24 (just) I’m well into my twenties and I may as we’ll be honest; I like stuff especially new stuff.

And this weekend I’ve been spoilt rotten. I’ve been away, been wined and dined, enjoyed gifts galore, had cakes baked for me. I really couldn’t ask for anything more.  But mostly I’m very thankful for the people I’ve spent my birthday; four days of indulgence with all my favourites.
And I really want to thank them.
Thank you, Samantha, for taking me away from it all and reminding me that the world won’t fall apart if I’m not clutching aTo Do List. Thank you for being someone who I can laugh with until I feel dizzy. Thank you for not caring that I’m the worlds edgiest traveller. I love every second that I spend with you and the best, most exciting part about it all is that we have a lifetime of it ahead.
To my Pappa and Louise, thank you for my thoughtful gifts. A bag of several treats each one even more thoughtful than the last. I can’t wait for the rain to come, now.
James, for backing me up on the fact that Calzone trumps curry in takeaway choice. Good to see you little bro, even though your board game political correctness is questionable.
Plummer. Bestie. Thank you for my gifts and for your visit. We really need to practice Articulate more- more weekends in with soft drinks and junk food?
Shelley- my competitive little bean. I know you’re ever so busy at the moment but never too busy to make me smile or to give up your Saturday evening for a sober night of games. 
Thank you ever so much for a cake made of chocolate and earl grey. Kayleigh, this thoughtful gift was grand. Also thank you for not only not judging me for eating cake for breakfast, but joining me.
Thank you for my other cards and gifts every one else. Really, they’re all greatly appreciated.
So, it’s over for another year. And next time I move into a new bracket in surveys. 
I like stuff, but I love my friends and family. A self indulgent blog post, yes. But it’s allowed because it’s [kind of] still my birthday.

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