Call me Ray Mears.

‘Adventure holiday’. Words that strike the fear of God into a girl like me- self confessed indoor-loving, cottonwood kid. Then add into them is that it was with my Girlfriend and her very outdoorsy family who enjoy fishing, long walks and wildlife. 

I was worried, not just because I strive for the in-laws approval or because I’m petrified of birds. And before anyone accuses me of exaggerating Centreparcs is an adventure holiday. Anywhere that encourages transportation by bike and has the option to zip wire is adventure enough for me. Of course I did mainly indoor activities, pottery painting and willow weaving (pictured, below) but these are minor details.
So we arrived and the lodge/cabin/base was wonderful and then we discovered ‘Badgercam’, an oddly addictive channel that allows you to be Big Brother and watch Badger Sets (we saw him a couple of times).  I didn’t have as much time as everyone else to unwind due to exams, but I did also have a bash at archery. Just call me Katniss, I did much better than anticipated.
In the main the holiday was an excellent surprise, apart from the inevitable “I brought the wrong shoes and they blistered my feet to the point of bleeding” moment, but my Girl went and purchased some bright White Adidas trainers that she insists will be an investment for the gym (again after this holiday I will be utilising daily). Problem solved.
Needless to say, while I hadn’t initially been too bothered about having to leave 2 days early for exams Thursday and Friday, there were tears when I actually had to. 
In summary I didn’t get attacked by a duck and I wasn’t the most poorly equipped person in the centre (I saw a girl in actual stilettos, although the uniform seemed to be North Face and hiking boots) and I really, really enjoyed it. Call me Ray Mears.
Same time next year?  We’ll see if the in-laws invite me again, shall we.

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