Top summer dates*

*that I’m going to try this year
I’ve been getting all excitable about this summer, and I’m not incredibly sure why. The lighter nights and a hint of some sunshine (it’s still freezing and I looked a right knob wandering round Morrisons aviators on my head, shivering) are only fuelling the excitement. As someone who finds spontaneity difficult- and yes this means that I have a tendency to “micromanage”, apparently- I thought the below would be a fun way to make a plan, instead of reeling off a 7 day rota during our fun, but exhausting for my Girlfriend, commutes.
So, without further ado my list is here. Summer ’14 we’re coming for you!
1. Drive somewhere without a map.
Pack a picnic and ignore the road signs. Take turns in choosing a direction at crossroads until you arrive somewhere. Make sure you pack snacks and Appletizer (and your satnav to get home once the fun’s finished).

2. Go to a drive in movie.
A local stately home in Leeds shows old films in the summer months. You tune into the radio to hear the sound so even if it’s a- let’s use- ‘crisp’ British evening you don’t have to freeze to enjoy a Classic. Last year they showed Grease, hope it’s something as wonderfully tacky and easy to catchup with if you miss a bit due to smooching, this time around.
3. Have a picnic at midnight. 
Go somewhere quiet (and safe!) and drink champagne or non-alcoholic fruit fizz and wrap up warm together. Kiss under the stars and don’t look at your phone. Just relax, be yourselves and chat for as long as you like; you can lie in together tomorrow.
4. Spend all afternoon under a willow tree eating strawberries and clotted cream, kissing and laughing. 
This speaks for itself.
5. Charity Shop Treasure Hunt
 Go somewhere fancy and with a budget of £10.00 get a barg in a charity shop for your love. Meet somewhere lush for lunch and wine afterwards and give your gift.
6. Remake one of your favourite dates.
For me this’ll be the train to Manchester mid-morning and breakfast in that cafe you took us to. Then a mooch round a load of posh shops looking at things we’ll buy when we’re rich. Lunch at Katsouris then a look round the museum & take selfies. Drink wine on Canal Street until we’re pissed and nearly miss the last train home. This time I’ll try and stay conscious and avoid drooling on your shoulder.
I’ll check back at the end of summer and let you know how I [we] get on.

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