Recipe for being my buddy

I recently became familiar with the term “Ghosting”. I hear the cries of “what the devil is that?!”. It’s what I’ve affectionately called Phasing Out, in the past. You know, you have less in common with them now so either you or they cut down (or completely cut) contact. Of course, sometimes people just lose touch and no one’s “ghosted” anyone. Some people are (surprise surprise) blaming the evil institute of social media for Ghosting , but I imagine (and say this with zero evidence to support) that it happened way before Facebook or Twatter (that’s not a typo, I hope I managed at least half a smile?)

Suggestion is that social media somehow makes not contacting your friends easier. Which does baffle me. I do think it exaggerates misunderstandings or fall outs and- God forbid- a Facebook Delete can ruin a friendship. I recently wrote about why Facebook makes us all a little crazy, which ties in well here, I think (read it here: ).

A little off topic but here’s the top things that make me want to delete you on Facebook:
The Humble Brag.
Constant updates about you kid (fantastic, it’s shit in a potty.)
Selling your unwanted clothes- move along to Ebay.
Lies in your status. It’s sad and transparent.
Game requests.

Reasons you might still be on my friends list if you do the above:
I like you too much to delete you, I can forgive a few annoying tendencies and just hide some things from my timeline. I also accept that I possibly/probably annoy you a lot too. Friendship’s about give and take.
You’re too hilarious to delete (intentionally or otherwise).
You know my family.
We see each other too much in real life to delete you.

Anyway, we digress.

So, I’ve noticed that some people are strangely off the radar and started thinking about the things I love about the mates I have. I then developed the below. 


Equal parts things in common and being completely different
A handful of crazy
A sprinkle of good humour

Take the crazy and mix with tea and cakes, stir in not caring about me not shutting up for hours.
Leave to rest with plenty of messages about your crazy ex and instagrams of your fancy socks them sprinkle in plenty of laughing until your sides hurt. Bake with plenty of love and go easy on the flakiness.

So that’s it. Go be friendly!

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