Richard Ward- The Chelsea Collection, a review

I don’t like putting loads of product on my hair because, frankly, it often means that it’s way too greasy afterwards or feels like festival-hair the next morning.  I’ve warned hairdressers for years, to the response of “don’t worry, this ones very light. You won’t have that problem”.

I’ve heard it all and, too often I’ve been stung. 
Then there’s the more annoying situation where it seems very light and has the desired effect and smells delicious, but you go to bed or enjoy the rest of the day, only to find out you’ve spent a small fortune on something that has your hair looking like you’ve washed it in chip fat within hours. I often find myself avoiding anything apart from shampoo, conditioner and hairspray as a result. Envious of the girls whose hair stays as it should without fuss or frizz.
Considering all of the above, I wasn’t overly excited or expecting too much from Richard Ward’s Keratin Smoothing Mist from The Chelsea Collection.
Before using any product I always have a read of what it promises; “Keratin is hair’s natural protein and the ultimate key to healthy hair; miraculously binding and interacting to rebuild hair’s natural fibres.  Aragon Oil creates dazzling mirror-like shine. Vitamins maintain hair’s healthiness and strength.” Who doesn’t want healthy, shiny locks? I gave it a whirl, nothing to lose.
So I gave my hair a scrub and conditioned as normal and applied the spray to my towel-dried Barnett. I proceeded to dry it with the hair dryer.
I was instantly impressed, I’m long overdue a trim and as such my hair’a not in the best condition it’s ever been in (sacrilege I know, but between working full time, studying part time and being a real life grown up in between I’m having to wait a little while for an appointment that I can squeeze in). So my hair’s seen better days. Immediately after the initial use, It already felt smoother and straightened much better, without friz or fly-away hair.
I was impressed.
I noticed the next day that my hair wasn’t greasy. I washed it anyway as we were going out. I was even more impressed the second time I used the Keratin Smoothing Mist.  After a few uses my hair felt in better condition (the split ends are still there and need a chop but it’s much more manageable and looks healthier, as promised by the product). It’s light enough that my hair doesn’t get greasy, something which I’ve rarely, if ever, found in products like this that are left in the hair rather than washed out. What I’ve also noticed is that when I use the Mist, my hair stays straight and frizz-less for two days. Bonus!
I can’t recommend this enough. I’m hoping to be able to try the rest of this range at some point and having searched for it I know it’s affordable, despite the it being a salon-style product.  
Give it a try and let me know what you think- I’m sure you’ll be impressed, too!


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