DGJ king of Colour- a review

Sometimes writing a review is tricky. If you’ve been asked to write a review, you’re expected to be impartial while you know that the company who have sent you their product are sitting, breath baited waiting for a good write-up.  

But I’m not a gun for hire, which makes a positive review even more important.
On receiving Daniel Gavin Junior (DGJ) Organics ‘King of Colour’ shampoo and conditioner, I popped the lid open to smell it, there wasn’t really a scent. I wasn’t disappointed, fruity shampoo never seems to leave it’s smell on my hair. I’ve never been one of those girls who swooshes past and leaves the air smelling of strawberries. In fact, perfume doesn’t really last on me the only smell I can ever consider long-lasting is the smell of biscuits after a fake tan session. I was, I think, a little surprised as I thought it would have a creamy smell considering that it contains extract of cocoa bean and walnut, but not disappointed.
I hopped into the shower and lathered up my hair. The shampoo was slightly watery, not as thick as some other brands, which meant that the bottle didn’t last very long, but it washed my hair nicely. 
After lathering, rinsing and repeating then conditioning my mop, I dashed off to dry my hair. I always think that this is the telling stage with any new shampoo. My hair was smooth and frizz-less, if not a little flat (nothing that some hairspray at the roots didn’t fix). Most impressive, my hair felt clean, that feeling you have when you’ve sauntered out of the hairdressers and they’ve used their dead fancy shampoo on you, clean. And stayed clean. I didn’t wake up the next morning with my roots or fringe greasy and I could go a couple of days without re-washing, which was a treat.
I’d definitely use this shampoo again, although I can’t find it in many shops I know it is available online. It’s priced mid-range but I think beats some more expensive products that I’ve tried, which seem to sometimes get by on their name alone. Definitely give it a whirl. 

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