Paying Lip Service to Lipcote

I bought Lipcote on a whim. It was £3.00 at Primark and I thought, as I had a lot of days out planned and really wanted to wear lipstick.

Now, I love lipstick. But I have a fraught relationship with it because, no matter whether I’m using a cheap and cheerful brand, or I’ve splashed out on a lippy that promises 12 hour wear, a sip of my drink is equivalent to deep sea diving and no matter how glam I look (and feel), minutes after my first sip my glass is wearing more of my lipstick than I am. Now that doesn’t add up to feeling very “glam”.
So, I hoped Lipcote would make my lipstick last a bit longer. I didn’t have the highest expectations because I’ve never had lipstick last more than an hour or so before demanding reapplication.
Admittedly, I didn’t use foundation as a base- why? Because I’m in a routine when it comes to my make up and I totally forgot. Great, I thought, it’s not going to work now.
I proceeded to apply my lipstick, bright red which I though would be lush for an afternoon of barbecuing, albeit a risk given how much food and drink was due to pass my lips. I blotted and reapplied then brushed Lipcote onto both my lips. I kept my lips apart for a few moments until it dried.


My lips felt slightly sticky for about 5 or so minutes, but I was more than pleasantly surprised with the results. My lipstick stayed unspoiled all day. Now, having put it on at around 9:00am, I wouldn’t even have minded reapplying once before we got home around 13 hours later but I didn’t have to. I even woke up the next morning, lipstick still intact. 

The bottle says that it will last for 100 applications, which seems well worth it given the price and how well this product worked. I really can’t recommend it enough- I’m just surprised that it’s not shouted from the rooftops more often. 
This Is definitely a must-have for your summer make up bag, ladies.

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