Making the most of your holidays

When we have a week off, we pack a lot in. I’mcurrently on the train to London, pulling up to Doncaster shortly. We have an itinery planned. 

You might have scoffed at that, most people do. But I credit our excellent planning, with the fantastic experiences that my girlfriend and I have. 
It started the first time we went to London. I’m a panicker, you see. 

I’d only been into the Big Smoke once before and I’d followed my friend, who’d been a couple of times, around without really knowing where the hell I was. I’m normally a stranger to public transport- happy in the safety of my little blue go-kart, with it’s mess and selection of my favourite CDs. I can control the temperature, the speed. If I’m lost it’s no one’s fault but my own. In fact, my terrible sense of direction and lack of attention to detail when it came to post codes once had us rocking up to the wrong seaside town (I still haven’t been to John Bulls World of Rock, where I have it on good authority albeit from a friend’s 6 year old that you can make your own stick of rock), other directional mishaps include a trip to Durham from Leeds via Manchester when I assumed that because my girlfriend hadn’t told me to turn off, that driving straight would eventually get me there. It didn’t and the journey back was 90 minutes while the outward drive was over 3 hours.
So, the tube was daunting to say the least. Everyone else seemed to know which way to go- I was swept along in the bustle like a minnow in a school of fish. 
So we planned an itinery. We knew where to go and at what time. We knew which tube to hop on. We knew where we were eating. The whole trip went without a hiccup.  We for so much more done in a short time than had we not have planned.
We trip with the same resolve every time. In fact, whenever we have a week off or a stolen extra day (usually in the form of a bank holiday, gone are the days when I’d steal the occasional paid sick day with My Love to day trip or do whatever the hell we happened to fancy) we are quite well planned. Which is why in our last week of annual leave we attended 2 barbeques, met with friends, went to a gig which happened to be two weeks later, saw Katy Perry at the O2 in London, visited a planetarium and an observatory. Phew.
In a few months we are caravaning to Bournemouth, saving our next trip abroad for next summer when we honeymoon. We’re already planning and hope to pack in a day at the beach, Monkey World and some relaxing. 
Trust me- plan your next few days off, or next weekend. It might mean less of a lie in but you’ll get a hella lot more done. In life, not just that weekend.

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