So, I made it

My blog’s been a little neglected of late. There’s been a serious lack of attempted comedy (or sarcasm at the very least), musings, anecdote and comment about anything and everything. Problem is, I’ve been revising. 

It had taken over my life.
I feel like I’ve been a student, and as a result been examined, for my whole life. In fact I pretty much have. Between yearly tests at school from being knee high to a grasshopper, when I was chubby faced and gappy toothed and had that adorable bowl-cut hairstyle – I realise that I’ve near enough described myself now, albeit a few feet taller- to exams at uni then, of course, post-graduate study in the form of the LPC, with which I won’t bore you with the details, other than to say it’s a necessity for anyone wishing to (one day) be a solicitor. I left compulsory education way back when in 2006, and I’m just finished in 2014. It certainly wasn’t a sprint, So you’d think I’d get used to it. 
I tried to work out how many exams I’ve sat in my lifetime. Then it got all confusing with coursework and other assessments and I didn’t know whether I should count mocks or my driving tests, of which there was a whopping 8. And it all got a bit silly and I gave up- that was too much procrastination even for me. So every exam time comes around and I’m stressy and I dream that dream where time’s up and I turn the page only to realise I’ve missed a question and wake up sweaty, my heart racing. It’s as if that exam is the only thing that matters. Then there’s the pre and post exam chatter, the “did you put this?” Or “did you get that?”
Even typing this my heart’s beating faster than it should, despite my telling myself that I can’t change it now. If it’s a disaster then worrying won’t change anything. And if it is a disaster, what will it matter? I’m sure I won’t be shot at for it? Exactly. 
So, in theory, I’m done with education- I did it. Subject to passing this exam and apart from my optional Masters that I’ll be undertaking in September (it’s all coursework so I don’t think it really counts.) I know, punishment glutton for- I’ll let you put them in the right order. 
My friend asked me how it felt today. I explained that I felt like I’d been so tightly wound for so long that it’d take a bit of adjusting to, not having a big list of things to have to do on my return home from the office. I’ll be able to make plans spontaneously (I’ve already planned the next two weekends, but that’s beside the point I can be spontaneous if I so wish); I can go to the gym- I hopefully won’t be as tired on an evening (or morning) and can really get fit; I can actually visit my friends- if they remember what I look like.
I hope to blog a lot more- and I’m sure I’ll have more to write about given that I might see what’s going on in the outside world. 
It’s all going to be extremely exciting- if I were you I’d watch this space!

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