Passion for natural- a can’t live without kind of product

I’m already a fan of aloe products- the benefit they have for my body is second to none and since using such products I’ve noticed an improvement in my skin. It also helps that it’s a naturally occurring ingredient; if it grows in the big wide world it can’t do anything bad (and in fact does a hell of a lot of good).

I like the packaging of the Passion for Natural products- they are bold and impressive and don’t look “wishy washy” like some organic products end up looking (almost as if not having a shed load of chemicals or silicone or whatever makes them kind of meek and indescript). Passion for natural says “I’m here and you need to give me a whirl“. Which you absolutely do. The other thing I loved about the pot that the body scrub comes in is that it clips shut so if you want to throw it into your gym bag or take it on holiday, it’s not going to leak all over (which my shampoo did, creating a slimy mess which is never the right way to start your unpacking experience). In fact, Aloe is also of benefit for things like sunburn so the other (less scrubby) Passion for Natural products would be ideal for holidays abroad (even though we should all remember not to get burnt in the first place!) 

The scrub looks a bit like Raita (but don’t let that put you off). It has a pleasant, clean scent that isn’t overpowering. Although it’s Aloe based, it smells almost like cucumber water from a spa. 

scrubbed gently and my skin felt clean as the water washed the scrub away. While we’re talking about the whole “Passion for natural” experience, the scrub rinsed off very easily without leaving that bitty residue you might find with other products and soothed the stings I sustained in a freak wasp attack (but that’s another story). Following drying, my skin felt noticeably soft (my partner noticed the same!) and after a couple of uses I could really tell the difference. You should only exfoliate twice a week but with this luxurious product you’ll want to do so more regularly.
Retailing at £10.95 for 300ml this might be a bit more expensive than the usual scrubs you buy but it’s also a lot more skin-friendly and contains no chemicals. Think of it as an investment for your skin!  The body wash is slightly cheaper still (£6.99 for 200ml), and available from Boots online- I can’t wait to try that and the moisturiser!

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