Fashionable Feminism

Feminism is so trendy at the minute. It’s beautiful and powerful and Beyoncé declares herself a follower of the movement- a far cry from burning bras and men hating, which I’m learning quickly is not what it’s all about.

As a lesbian, there’s a lot of stereotypes; and while I do have a cat and like tea, I’m not a vegan (I’m not even vegetarian- I originally typed ‘I love meat’ but there were too many that’s what she said and other innuendo jokes to count). And this brings me onto my next point “that’s what she said” those quips don’t offend me. I playfully use them, even. They’re funny. And this is why I’m at odds with feminism.
As a woman, I should be a Feminist.
And I do want equal pay, equal opportunities. It’s a basic right that someone should not be disadvantaged by something like their gender. Just as they shouldn’t for their religion, race, disability, sexuality. And that’s not an exhaustive list. 
And Feminism shouldn’t just be about women. What about children being taught from a young age that pink is for girls and blue is for boys? I was astounded by the recent Kinder Egg campaign where little girl’s eggs (in the pink wrapper) contained a Barbie prize, while the blue eggs- for the little boys to choose- had cars or monsters or something. Now, remind me again why a child can’t choose their own toy? Or why a set of siblings can’t play with their like toys; the sister obtaining a pretty pink bracelet while her brother zooms around with a car. Or maybe her brother wants the bracelet, but he can’t because it’s only for girls. But what Kinder’s doing, it seems, is just fine. 
How can women expect equal opportunities when they are grooming their children to conform to gender stereotypes? Little girls play with dollies because they will look after the babies when they have them, while little boys play with cars and tools and boy things. The Glass Ceiling will never be broken if stereotypes are perpetually rammed down our children’s throats from the second they’re brought home from the hospital; their identity in the colour of their baby grow.
So, I do agree with the Feminists.
And the naked photo scandal. Jeniffer Lawrence is praised for suggesting that those who stole and published her intimate photos are guilty of a sex crime. And the papers rushed to slate those men who did- 
Hang on. That’s a problem. See that assumption?
We don’t know who leaked those photos, do we? But you all thought it was a man. Me too. Why couldn’t it be a woman? Because women are lovely- they wouldn’t do that to another woman? 
Not really in the name of equality that, is it?
Or maybe a woman couldn’t access the photos? Silly women- can’t deal with technology the way the men can. No- you’re right- women aren’t stupider than men.
But men use the brain in their trousers. Not like women- women don’t lust. Ah.
My problem with Feminism, is that in seeking equality it forgets that half of the population are men. And while they shouldn’t have more opportunities than women, they shouldn’t have less either. 
And that’s why I liked Emma Watson’s ten minute speech, unveiling the He For She campaign. We’ve watched this intelligent, driven human grow into something quite remarkable. And I say remarkable because she made people who didn’t care about feminism, start caring. She made the people like me- who defensively joked that they weren’t a feminist- think that maybe they might be after all.
But can I still make that’s what she said jokes?

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