My obligatory summing up of 2014

I think I’ll always remember 2014 as the year I became a grown up. 

I thought it’d happened before.  When I moved away to uni.  Or when I moved out of my parent’s house again.  Or again after that.  When I graduated.  When  I got a full time job.  When I got a job doing what I wanted to do.  When I got a promotion.  When I bought a car (that my Dad hadn’t chosen and paid for). When I sorted the insurance for the car. When we booked our wedding.  When we booked the honeymoon. When I took my car to get it’s MOT all by myself.  When I realised that it’s not always necessary to finish a night out with vomit in my hair.  
Turns out I wasn’t quite there.  
But, having looked back at what I thought of as my adult life, 2014 really does seem to have done the trick.  I  decided this when I wrote real grown-up dates in my diary. Not the one I have for personal use, the one I have for the office.  Where I go and earn a wage like a real person.  It wasn’t just “Payday” or “Write new to do list” I was scribbling in there either, it was real-life, important stuff.  Then I spent one of the days after Christmas (before New Year, where you’re never entirely sure of the day or the time or if it’s acceptable to have a chocolate biscuit but reach for the packet anyway because the junk all needs eating before January) having a spring clean and we got our shit together doing loads of adminny stuff that have been niggling for the last few months; requesting new pet insurance papers and threatening to leave Virgin for Sky if they don’t give us a good deal to stay (update: they did.)  We even sorted a folder for important paperwork.  I mean, the bills and documents are hole-punched.  Shit got real.  
See; grown up.
Now, as well as being the year I finally reached adulthood (at 24), 2014 was also a pretty smashing year.  It feels like things have fallen into place and, looking back at the snaps I’ve had printed ready for New Years Eve there’s been a lot of  fun while it fell.  
Oh that’s another thing; this NYE (that’s young person for New Year’s Eve.  Yes I’m down with the kids.) My Love and I are staying in, as we have the last two years.  
It can be stressful on the busiest night of the year; queuing for drinks tha are double the price they were days before and waiting forever for a taxi as frost covers the floor, your chips run out and you start to sober up and (minus your wine-jacket which is the temperature equivalent to the term beer goggles) feel the cold.  It might be part of the fun, but often there feels like a lot of pressure to have a good night, which sometimes doesn’t happen because you’re so keen to make sure it does (we all know that the best nights are those where you end up in a club in flat shoes and a jumper because you’d gone out for one, twelve hours before). So, we’re staying in.  
I have big plans to order all our favourites from the local chinese, drink Lambrini (I would get proscecco but I’m really not fancy enough and have an issue with it – long story) and document the fantastic year by putting together a photo album of it. It means I can go to bed when I want, I won’t start the year skint or with a horrific hangover/cold and flu and we can remember just how wonderful the 2014 has been.  We can also look forward to 2015, which is bound to have a lot to remember since we get married halfway through (I don’t think I’ve mentioned that, this far?)  
So, that’s the plan.
All that’s left for me to do now is to make some resolutions to break.  I was going to list them here but I won’t because this post has ended up being longer than I’d thought and I haven’t completely decided on them yet, anyway.
Whatever you do on December 31st, Happy New Year.  May it bring you health and happiness.

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