New year, new me/you/us?

December 31st isn’t an ordinary day.  It marks the end of the year.  Adios if it’s been smashing or good riddance if it’s one you’d rather forget.

And it’s also time to decide on a resolution (or ten).  Which will inevitably be broken by mid-Jan.  February if you’re really dedicated.
Every year I take out my new diary (the one I ask for from my in-laws, not the work’s one I spoke about in my last post which you can read here if you missed it) and write in my ‘aims’- I don’t call them resolutions because I’m going to stick to them and I’m going to achieve them. I set things that are a bit like those SMART targets you set at school (they’re meant to be Something Measurable Attainable Something beginning with R Targets.  While we’re on the subject, that means that when saying Smart Target you actually say [SMAR] Target Target which is just infuriating.  Like PIN number which is Personal Identification Number number.  Really gets my goat.)

This year, I achieved some of my goals.  The important ones, I’d say. Worky ones and saving towards the wedding, I won’t bore you with the details.

But then, there are the ones I set every year.  And fail at every year.  

Lose a shit load of weight.  Well, that’s been on my list more years than I have fingers.  And I do need to put it on again this year, mainly because I’ve bought a wedding dress that I can’t presently get over my head.  But if I plan on doing it anyway, it can’t be one of my aims/SmarTargets/resolutions now, can it?  

Worry less.  I’m a little bugger for fretting about things.  Big things, small things, things that I can’t even control.  It’s gone past the point of endearing and is now borderline neurotic and, for those around me, extremely annoying.  Hell, I even annoy myself.  So yes I will try to worry less, but it’s not really an aim, is it? 

And I don’t need to drink less because I’d be teetotal.  I’ve barely drunk this year and the few times I have, the hangover the next [2] day[s] reminds me why I don’t often.  Whille I’m on the subject of booze, I have to document here that the idea of being sponsored not to drink for a month is astounding to me.  Are you telling me that, as a nation, we can’t manage not to put a toxin into our body unless people are paying us to abstain?  I mean, yes brilliant it’s for charity but we can all give to charity any time we want, it doesn’t have to be by way of encouragement (unless someone is doing something challenging like a bike ride or a marathon or a silence) but seriously, I think there’s a problem if not drinking for a month is that difficult. Maybe my resolution should be to rant less?  Or keep my opinions to my bloody self? But then this blog would be a hell of a lot quieter. A hell of a lot.

So, I got to thinking that what I really want to do in 2015 is to be as happy as I’ve been in 2014.  And that’s included being chubby, worrying (which I promise to do a bit less) and drinking if and when I want (not very often). So I set down these resolutions.

Be Kind

It doesn’t cost anything.  It doesn’t even take too much effort.  In fact, I think being kind comes quite easily to me but there’s no harm in doing a little something extra this year.   

Volunteer More

This year I got involved in the OWLS Befriending programme ( ).  I visit an elderly man once a week; he doesn’t have much family and since his wife passed away he sees less of the friends they made during the 60 years they were married.  We have a cuppa and I chat his ear off.  He tells me about his time in the war and sometimes we eat chinese food.  It’s amongst one of the most rewarding things I think I’ll ever do.  I look forward to seeing him and I know that he enjoys our visits.  I’d hope someone would do the same to me if, in my eighties, I found myself in a similar situation.  And I enjoy it.
So this year, I want to help those who are less fortunate than me a little more.  That doesn’t mean committing every week but it means maybe I’ll help at a soup kitchen a few times this year or maybe I can drop goods off at a food bank.  I’ve also had my eye on the rehabilitating cats role (petting cats ready for rehoming after rescue) so I might even look into that.  Whatever it is, I want to do more of it.
Focus My blog more
I love to write.  I love to ramble.  I’d forgotten about it until just over a year ago.  Since then, I’ve written reviews, I’ve summed up my holidays, I’ve complained until I ran out of steam.  I’ve been involved with online magazines like Reprobait ( ), even interviewing Lucy Spraggan in November, and Gaydar Girls ( ).  I’ve written for a local publication ( ).  I had a brush with a site called Vada, but the less said about that the better.  I enjoy writing, and if I ever wasn’t a lawyer I think writing would be what I’d want to do. Maybe. 

I suppose this blog has been a kind of diary.  Thing is, in 2015 I’m going to keep a real-life diary.  Pen it on an evening on actual paper and document days I don’t want to forget as well as the ones I can’t wait to see the back of (that’s a decision, not a resolution) so my blog can’t just do that again.  So, I need to find a niche and stick with it.  Watch this space while it evolves, hell – I might even graduate onto WordPress.
Stop Shopping At Primark
Okay, so I kind of started this a few months ago.  To begin with it was just an excuse for splashing out on loafers that were 4 times the price I’d normally spend but then I got to thinking about the whole “You buy cheap, you buy twice” thing and I guess it’s probably right.
From now (then) on, no more cheap vests or crappy 6 pound shoes for me.  I’ll buy less things of a better quality. That seems like a good plan. And I can justify pretty much everything by saying “I can use it in San Fran / Hawaii” anyway. Complete barg.
Concentrate on getting more freebies
Everyone loves a freebie, no one more than myself.  
I complain if things aren’t as they should be (I truly feel that this is a responsibility of all consumers; if something isn’t right highlight it or the next person will get the same shabby quality/service.  If I get some kind of voucher as a result then so be it).  But I’m not only talking complaining, I’m talking about competitions, I’m talking about free testers.  
I think the only way to measure this is by keeping a written record of all the freebies I obtain in 2015 and watching this space in 12 months.
Break up with social media

(And  I’m not counting this blog in that broad heading.).  Within this does come excessive use of my phone, though.
I spoke earlier this year about having a phone-less day every now and again  Then I saw an interesting Buzzfeed piece which I retweeted with the hashtag “To Do”.  By the way, this isn’t me saying I’m retiring from Facebook completely, not by any means.  What I’d like is a more healthy relationship with it, where a no-like status doesn’t ruin the day (joke) and it isn’t the first thing I check in a morning (not a joke).

I’ll set to with this when I’m back to normality after the break (so 2nd January, then).  Can’t wait for the withdrawal symptoms.

I think they’re pretty decent.  Now, commence the takeout-eating, scrapbook filling, grown up pop guzzling evening that is NYE 2015.
Oh, and I’ll see you next year.



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