a review

Having a pet is already a big commitment; the walking, the feeding, the routine. It’s akin to having a toddler in many ways (except you can take your toddler away with you while we have to leave our fur babies in a kennel or being sat by a well-trusted family member or friend, complete with a long list of Dos and Don’ts like “Do feed Dylan wet food on a Saturday (it’s take-away night)” and “Don’t leave the light on for himovernight or he’ll bark at any slightnoise and you won’t have an enjoyable Monday“.

We can get our weekly shops delivered, now but we have to make a special trip to the retail park to get dog treats or toys or other animal supplies because the supermarkets only have a limited stock.
Not any more!
 (recently rebranded from PetShopBowl, if you’ve heard of it) delivers Online Pet Supplies directly to your door; they sell anything you might possibly need from beds to Dog Toys to food to treats to collars or catnip and scratchers to pet-runs right to your door, leaving you with more time to do the important things – like master that latest tick or snuggle up with your pet, scratching behind his ear.
Delivery (including Saturday slots if weekday deliveries are inconvenient) is free on orders of £19.99 and above and reasonable even if you don’t spend quite as much.  There are no weight restrictions (so go ahead and get that larger bag of dry food that’ll last a little longer and is better value, you might not be able to manage to get it home from the shop but do all the leg work for you!)


To make your shopping as hassle-free as possible there’s even the option when buying your pet’s favourite food (our Westie Dylan is a particular fan of Huntland Dog Food ) to opt for the Bottomless Bowl Service. The rolling delivery of what you need when you need it from fortnightly to every 12 weeks without a subscription which you can cancel at any time is perfect for our busy lives.   If you’re training (or just want to spoil your pooch) Wagg Dog Treats are perfect, also available from; they also fit into the ‘treat balls’ that are amazing to stop boredom (and associated chewing).


If you’re a busy professional with fur babies this site is for you! Go!

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