Where on earth have you been?!

And by you, I obviously mean me.  

A lot of time has passed since my last post, my blog has been neglected and for that I’m terrible.  Even writing this, I feel a little rusty. Like the first day back at school as a child after the summer; feeling like your hand has completely forgotten how to write so even though you want the first page of your new book to be extra neat, it isn’t quite right- not that you can put your finger on why.

So my last post was all the way back on May 10th. That’s four months ago to the day. And has that flown. 

In the weeks after that post (which feels like it was a few weeks ago), I had my hen do and prepared to get married and go on honeymoon which was three weeks of heaven spent in the sunshine enjoying our well planned itineray (it was scheduled fun at its very best).  In the interests of privacy, the details of my wedding and honeymoon are something I’ve made the decision not to share in any detail. For a few reasons, one being that I’ve come to the realisation that privacy is something money can’t buy and that in a world where social media is king, we don’t have nearly enough of. For similar reasons, I no longer partake in Facebook, since abstaining I haven’t missed it (but have been obliged to start getting to grips with Linkedin which appears to be Facebook’s slightly better groomed cousin allowing you to upload effectively your whole CV and have ‘connections’ rather than ‘friends’-more realistic in adulthood?) I’m still deciding how I feel about that.

Meanwhile, I changed my name and asked Google to forget me (in part). Project Privacy is ongoing. I haven’t yet had the courage to delete my instagram and keep flitting between private and open depending on my mood (if you’re after a look find me @Lmitchghafs).

And then there was the little matter of married life to enjoy. 

The question on everyones lips seems to be “how is married life?” I never know just how honest to be (I dont want to instigate a mass vomitting session or bore someone to death with cliches) but it’s pretty damn brilliant actually, thank you very much. But then my wife’s pretty fabulous so what else can I expect? The only way I can explain it is that even the most mundane of things is beauiful with her and I still can’t wait to get home and tell her my day in detail and I’m giddy for everything but also wishing for time to slow down because I want to savour every single second we have. It’s perfect.

So I’ve been a little preoccupied and neglected the blog. But along with a new look (which I hope you’ll like), the blog is going to become more regular and more focussed (follow for LGBT, lifestyle and reviews) and I hope you can forgive me for my 4 month period of being AWOL.

Here’s to new [blog] beginings.


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