I <3 Autumn

Autumn/Winter are my absolute faves.

Snap courtesy of Kayleigh Townsend – you can follow her on Instagram and Twitter 
They’re wonderful. Let me show you with a quick game of would you rather;

Would you rather layer up in your favourite mustard jumper and a scarf and comfy boots over your jeans (you haven’t had time to shave your legs this morning) or hide sweat patches, have your fringe stuck to your head, and burn the moment the sun touches you in an outfit that looked fab in your head but now makes you look like a translucent potato?  
Okay, how about; 

‘Netflix and Chill’ (which in my house means shutting the curtains, ordering in junk food and watching a boxset for five hours) or attend the office rounders match, again risking the chance of sunburn (and a strong to medium forecast of having to throw/catch a ball while having flashbacks to year 8 PE)?


So what about; 

Look at Blackpool illuminations, get fish and chips and listen to Sounds of the 80s on Radio 2 with the heating up or queue for a parking spot for forty minutes, queue for the chips for forty minutes and walk along a packed beach before driving in the sweltering heat for four hours on a journey that Google tells you is an hour and a half?

This is me scientifically proving my hypothesis that A/W is best. The cold is just better. There, I said it.

Although I have to say that this years annual illuminationsandfishandchipsevening (to give it its full title) did involve a fight for carparking spots – more about that another time.

It’s a very unpopular view in the office where I spend a lot of my time (they can’t get rid of me there; I’m not on the payroll or anything, I just rock up, drink the tea and leave- just kidding it’s the old ‘day job’, you know how it is). 

They tell me I should enjoy the sun, having the back door  of the office open and the excitement of the wasps buzzing around my ponytail every day (wasps and I don’t really get on after an incident on holiday last year), it’s nice – apparently – to have the option of salad for lunch (give me soup and bread any day) and not have to choose whether to freeze your bits off or lug about a coat when you brave the cold for shopping or drinks or whatever you do with your Saturdays. 

But I just love winter (this is where I didn’t know where to hashtage ‘sorrynotsorry’)

I love the smell of the cold, which is odd I know. You know that crispness in the mornings, when you’re scraping the frost from your car? I love a good stew, or a shepherds pie or a carvery – all the things that make you sweat if you try and enjoy them in the summer. I love a pot of tea which (contrary to what my nanna says) does not cool you down. I love layering up and wearing a hat and being able to wear UGG boots with jeans and a jumper and be ready for Sunday in eight minutes including slapping some lipstick on and putting my hair in a top knot*. I love love love it. 

*I did this today under the guise of it being late September and our having been on theaforementioned trip to Blackpool. It was not cold. I got hot and bothered and ranted about how I hate the sunshine then came to write this big Autumnal based rant.

So when I wake up tomorrow and stick my foot out from under the duvet before quickly retracting it, noticing when I open one eye that it’s still dark and hear the pitterpatter of rain on my bedroom window I’ll smile while the rest of the world seems to sulk- now pass me those ear muffs! 



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