The start of November – Weekly roundup

It’s been a busy week, bookended by two very busy weekends.
From last Saturday when we started househunting (I’m sure you’ll hear more about this as time goes by). For anyone who’s been through the process of buying a house, and as such been a first time buyer as we are now, you’ll know how it’s exciting, stressful and terrifying – but when we have our own front door it’ll be worth it. That evening we went to not one but two Halloween parties (I know!) I opted for fancy dress which required minimal effort because I’d left my planning to the last minute, in an uncharacteristic manner, because fancy dress isn’tmy thing. I wore an oversized tee-shirt, leggings and bolts on my neck. You guessed it, I was Frankenstein’s monster (and boy does that green facepaint last; better than any foundation I’ve tried, anyway.)  
Sunday I made the journey from Leeds to Manchester for The City Girls blog event before dashing back for Sunday lunch. I waas in Sheffield to watch The Distance at the Crucible theatre on Tuesday and Thursday, despite being a bit down we celebrated bonfire night with fireworks at my inlaws (sadly, I didn’t get to have pie and peas which is my favourite).  
Friday night was going to be relaxing but, having put off changing the bulb in the front room, we ended up changing no less than seven bulbs (the living room, 2 out of four in the kitchen, 2 out of 3 in the bathroom, the landing and the bedroom- the latter involved moving the mattress and the slats from the bed). By the time we sat down to eat tea (a home made keema curry), it was after eight o’clock and we were exhausted.

Today (Saturday) we saw a mortgage advisor, viewed another house and went to the farm shop (hello adulthood) and I’m now about to try out some of the goodies I received in my blog event goodie baf in a long hot bath complete with candles, I’m wiped out and think I deserve it. Tomorrow I’m meeting a friend from uni for lunch in Hebden Bridge (one of my favourite places in England, probably the world).

All of this has meant I’ve had plenty to blog about, but not very much time. I’ve taken to stealing time in my lunch hour, sitting with my ipad and planning stuff and blogging whenever I’ve had the chance meaning that posts have been thick and fast and I’d like to keep it that way.

I’m also hoping to have some exciting blog-related stuff underway soon (after, not during the bath) so watch this space. 


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