The best bits about Christmas

Disclaimer: This post is not hating on Christmas.
It’s that time of year again; the John Lewis ad has aired and you can’t flick on the TV without being bombarded with advertisements showing you the latest thing you need, the women’s mags are telling us we’ve got just enough time to slim down enough to wear a sparkly black number to the office Christmas do- sidenote, I’m fine as I am, thanks, arm fat and all–  (there’ll invariably be that email that warns us that the office Christmas party is an extension of work and not to enjoy the free tipple too much and harass anyone) and Asda have stocked up on the Ped-Egg for the ninth year in a row, or maybe just keep wheeling out their original stock of dry-skin-shaver-and-catcher contraptions. 

Yes, it’s the ever-longer run up to Christmas. And I have a love/hate relationship with it.

But the best bits about Christmas (in my opinion) are these things*

(1) Spending time with family

Crack open the board games (Articulate is a firm favourite with us), drink tea or something stronger and laugh until your belly hurts with the people you love the most. 

(2) The food

My favourite meal of the year is Christmas Dinner. The roasted parsnips, the meat(s), the mash, the pudding. The Pigs in blankets. I’m full just thinking about it.

(3) New pyjamas on Christmas Eve

Always. For Santa coming, of course. I’ve done this every year since I can remember (and now I angle for matching jammies with my wife which is only allowed at Christmas). There’s nothing better than snuggling up with the heating and fairy lights on with crisp new pyjamas. Bliss. 

(4) The left overs

Back to food. You know that feeling at about half past three on Christmas Day when you think you couldn’t possibly eat another bite as long as you live? But then by half six you’re nibbling at cold roasties and making a left over turkey and stuffing sandwhich washed down with the soft-centre quality street before all the best ones are eaten and all that’s left in the tin is the coconut centres and empty wrappers? Well, that.

(5) The films 

Elf. A Muppet Christmas Carol. The Christmas Bunny (this is not a drill, I stumbled across it on the Hallmark channel acouple of years ago and it was cinematic magic). These are the feature presentations I live for.

(6) The jumpers

Novelty, knitted, noisy. Whatever you opt for as long as it’s gordy and features something comedy or slightly offensive, it goes. Plus the Christmas Jumper night out is the only night of the winter you’ll be suitably dressed for a the great british weather.

What are your favourite things about Christmas?

*In no particular order


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