Most Treasured Possessions 

Christmas is coming up and this year is a quiet one in my house, for no one reason. It’s been a big year (wedding), there’s more ahead (house move on the horizon), we’re home for the day
but on holiday pretty much straight after and away for New Year. And when people have asked what I want there isn’t that much. When asked what I need, there’s literally nothing. Nothing I can’t live without (excuse
the double negative). 
And with things in the world the way they are at the moment, I can’t help but think how lucky I am to come home safely after work to live with my wife. I’m safe. I’m healthy. I’m happy.

So that got me thinking, about all the adverts. All the stuff. The things the advertising people would have you believe you’re less of a person if you don’t have. 

And I thought about my most prized possessions.

And I realised, how they aren’t expensive things. But they’re so valuable, they’re worth even more. 

So here they are, in no particular order.

A photo of my Mum and I in a frame

My Mum was my best friend and someone I loved and admired. Special moments like that, caught to save forever can’t be replaced. If I had to save a single thing in a fire it’d be this. The frame reads “A daughter is a little girl who grows up to be a friend” and I’ve always loved it, but now it’s precious.

This little book of 180 things my wife (then girlfriend) wrote me when we’d been together 6 months

(One thing for every single one of those blissful summer days we had been together). It was the first of many anniversaries. I already knew she was a keeper. 

The medal I got in Disney World 

If you know me you know this story (which I tell- no exaggeration- about 50 times a year). It was autumn 1997 (1998?) and the location was Disney World in Florida’s The Magic Kingdom. One child is chosen per day to pull the sword from the stone (no puns or innuendos please – this is a story about Disney World), a la the story and famous Disney production The Sword In The Stone, which in my eyes is an underrated Disney classic, missing out due to its lack of glamour or a princess, perhaps? That day in October I was that child. Yes I still have the medal and no I’ll never get rid of it. 

My cat

Not going overboard when I say Herbie the tabby cat (moggy; like me he’s not too fancy) is my best friend. I feel like he understands me on levels most humans can’t and he gives the best Saturday morning snuggles in the world. 

Our wedding album

A lot of very special memories from our special day are bundled up in this album. I also love the video of our honeymoon my wife made which you can see on Youtube (but technically not a thing). Sometimes, after a hard day, a flick through this is all I need to remind me things aren’t so bad.

What are your most prized possessions? I bet when you start thinking about it, you’ll be surprised to find they might not be the highest in monetary value!


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