16 things I’m looking forward to in 2016

Happy new year!


Guys! You may have noticed I’ve been AWOL [again] throughout most of December.

It wasn’t intentional, I promise.
I felt a little crappy throughout the start of December with an illness I just couldn’t seem to shake, then Christmas came and all of a sudden it was non-stop driving between Leeds, Bradford and Halifax and barely looking at my phone let alone having time to give my blog the TLC it desperately needed. 

Then we went to Reykjavic in Iceland between Christmas and New Year and although I’d had the best of intentions to blog in the airport and on the flights, I just didn’t. Instead I hungrily devoured a Burger King at 10:00am, won at Bananagrams and slept the whole flight (both ways). 

So I was going to write all about my resolutions and what I want from the blog, like I did last year. But I didn’t acheive many of those aims and I’ve decided not to really do resolutions this year (more on that later) so I’m giving it a miss. Maybe in December I’ll recap the goals I’ve made privately in my Epic Blog Planner and see if I’ve acheived them – would you like that?

2016 on the blog looks exciting though and I promise regular updates, fun and interesting content and to be everything that Cosmopolitan isn’t – I won’t be telling you how to keep your man happy or any of that bullshit- I’ve recently fallen out with Cosmo a bit and blogged about it for Diva Magazine.

While I’m not making resolutions, I do love New Year. A fresh diary, a new start, lots of motivation everywhere you look almost seeping through your pores as you flick through blogs, wander down the street and return to work refreshed and eager to achieve. 

Here are 16 things I’m looking forward to in 2016 (in no particular order!)

1. The cinema. I saw a post recently with a run down of films hitting UK screens this year. Girl on a Train in October (shout out to my favourite book of 2015), Finding Dory in June and Freeheld- which I feel like I’ve been waiting to see forever- in February, amongst others. 

2. Focusing on my blog. I started my blog a couple of years ago. Since then it’s moved from Blogspot to WordPress and now has a .com domain. I’ve made some friends blogging and been fortunate enough to have some exciting opportunities. Here’s to more in 2016

3. Moving House.
No date yet but this is extremely exciting. In the coming months Lipstick at Weekends HQ (i.e. my house) will move and become owned not rented. Adulting at its most extreme.

4. Being more mindful. I discovered mindfulness in early 2015. By chance I saw that someone had retweeted an event going on in Chorlton a couple of weeks later I partook in the Anxiety Meditation Workshops and found that it really helped. I’m going to work meditation into my routine and hopefully it’ll continue to make me feel positive and deal with stress effectively. If you have a favourite guided meditation please share it in the comments!

5. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Although I’m not a big HP fan, my wife is. So yes I queued (in a virtual queue, not actually in the wind and rain and outside) and got us tickets for November 13th before then we need to watch the whole film back catalogue. Ready set go. 

6. Professionally this is a big year for me. BRING IT.

7. Day Trips. We’re not planning on a big holiday this year instead we plan to sit back and take a little time to breathe and that means lots and lots of day trips in England and maybe even a couple of trips to Wales or Scotland.

8. As mentioned, taking a breather. We’ve been so busy for the last 2 years it can sometimes feel like we never get a chance to take things in. Inspired by a TED talk on Stillness, this year there will be time to relax.

9. Book Club. Not in the traditional sense (everyone reads the same book in a particular month and digests it at a meeting) but at the start of December at work a few friends and I decided to start our own book club which involves swapping books we like. It’s encouraging me to read more and varied books.

10. Learning a new skill. I haven’t felt like I’ve had time to join a course or learn a new skill, this year I will take that creative writing course, who knows maybe next year I’ll be writing a novel?

11. Seeing lots of performances at independent theatres like Contact in Manchester (especially Queer Contact starting in February) and Theatre in the Mill in Bradford.

12. In February I’m attending my first ever meditation retreat, I’ve never been away alone before so that’s a first and I’m really excited to have a weekend off grid to work on meditation.

13. Manchester Pride! August Bank Holiday Weekend is always one to look forward to- we were away with family last year and missed it so this year should be extra fun!

14. I’ve read that Cold Feet is returning in 2016. Although it originally aired before I was its target audience, I watched the boxset some years later. It’s one of my favourites and I’m after rewatching from S1 in anticipation.

15. M & S Getting new cutlery stock. No really. We’ve been after this [somewhat sexy] cutlery set for so long and it’s sold out. But it has to come back soon, right? 

16. Leeds International Film Festival (30th). I attended part of the 29th Festival this year and now can’t wait for the next, although this year I hope to see much, much more. 

Let the fun begin.

What are you looking forward to most?


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