Today I was life-coached

Not intentionally and not completely unintentionally. 
So, I saw this 3 hour course for women in business entitled “How to get more out of every day” and I thought ‘who wouldn’t want that?’ I envisaged being taught skills of prioritising and how to write a better to do list (yeah right, as if my to do lists need any work!) but had an inkling when the course organiser rung me to remind me to come with an open mind that it might not be what I was expecting.

Still, I went and I brought my open mind (and notepad) with me. 

Now, perhaps I wasn’t in the best mindset to be told I could do anything I want in life. Mainly because the two things I wanted most in the wold this morning was for my nose to stop running for more than two fucking seconds and to be able to take a single step without my tights slipping down my bum thanks to the silky knickers I’d stupidly opted for in the dark at ten to seven and I couldn’t do either of them.

Now, the lifecoaching entailed me sat through three hours (minus a quick pit stop for a cuppa and a pastry) of inspirational quotes dragged straight from Pinterest onto Powerpoint. Now, I love Pinterest and inspo quotes as much as the next twenty something (just take a look at my Instagram), but essentially this lady (who I felt had a little bit too much pent up anger for some of her family members as she retold anecdotes through a gritted teeth smile) was only after selling her wares (lifecoaching) and I wasn’t sold.

I didn’t believe that her life coaching should extend to telling a client (a mother of two young children) that her life would fall more into place if she got her kids their own mats to put their shoes on or that she particularly cared if another client got a paid cleaner so she had more time to develop herself, other than that she was getting paid. Is that even coaching or is that just a tip? 

I’ve heard really good things about lifecoaching in the past as well and I was really sad to leave feeling like a) I couldn’t wait to get away and b) I hadn’t got much anything out of it. I’d definitely be willing to give it another try sometime but we’ll see. It’s a definite maybe from me.


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