Happy Birthday to my Number 1 Guy (my Dad)

Today is my Dad’s birthday (he’s 21 again, and I’m 26 next month so I’ll let you do the maths). Sidenote I think it’s meant to be ‘math’ but that’s very American.


I got to thinking I’m really very grateful Pops and all the things he’s done for me. These things include:

1. Insuring my first car (it was about a million pounds to insure a learner driver in 2008, God knows how much it is now.)

2. Not completely giving up on me when I took 8 times to pass my driving test.

3. Keeping patient (ish) when we went on Sunday afternoon drives to practice my driving despite my many stalls, terrible maneuvres and his constant phantom braking from the passenger seat.

4. When I moved out then realised it was a huge mistake after 5 minutes months, he didn’t say ‘I told you so’ even though he did tell me so.

5. Being cool when I brought home my girlfriend. Merely asking when she was coming for tea, not giving a shit I didn’t go out with a boy.

6. Teaching me the secret Ghafs family recipe for meat byriani  (which we affectionately call meat rice). I haven’t cooked it on my own yet but I will.

7. Coming to the next city with a jerry can of unleaded when I ran out of petrol on a bypass. Also baffling the police officer who had stopped with mumbo jumbo to avoid me getting a ticket.

8. Not being too mad when I drunkenly vomited in his car after eating spaghetti carbonara and glugging too much wine. (Note- not being too mad does not extend to ever letting me forget that this happened. His Laguna never smelt the same again and Dad ended up getting a new car very shortly after this incident saying every time he drove anywhere he could smell nothing but sick.)


9. Taking us to Florida LOTS as children and documenting it all in LOTS of photo albums.

10. Stopping at Ikea for sustainance (yes it was in the form of a hot dog) on the way from Leeds to Liverpool for my graduation. You can’t enjoy something that important on an empty stomach. We couldn’t wait for the cinnamon rolls which will be a lifelong regret of ours.


11. Even though he went mad when I brought a kitten home, the next morning I came down and he was snuggling with the kitten curled up on his shoulder.

12. When I reversed into the neighbours car, Dad was pretty bloody supportive and played the part of negotiator when I was too mortified to.

13. He taught me useful tips like not eating yellow snow or upsetting someone who’s going to cook your food.

14. Always being there when I need a pep talk, I can always count on him.

There are, of course, so many other things I’m thankful for my Dad for (as I type he’s making homemade burgers and sweet potato fries for our tea, on his birthday) but this is a taster for you.

He’s just the best. Happy Birthday Pappa-G. 


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