The Curse, Manchester 10-12 March 2016

The Curse, playing at Manchester’s Three Minute Theatre 10-12 March is the story of Char and Lola and their lives facing the tribulations of teenage girls, something that all women will be able to relate to. The play began its life as a ten minute sketch as part of the Women in the Spotlight project which aimed to assist the development of stage writing by queer and Black and minority ethnic women. 


The Curse is the first play written by Jane Bradley, though she’s no stranger to writing having had hers published by The Guardian amongst others. Bradley also heads up charitable organistaion For Books Sake which champions Women Writers.

Bradley said of the play “The play throws up a lot of issues that we don’t talk about enough and I hope that young women, and indeed women of all ages, will connect and enjoy it. I hope that men will come along as well and gain some valuable insight.” 


The themes tackled in the play include menstruation, mental health and sexuality – which remain hot topics as women are demonised for bodily functions, catcalled and suffer inequality daily although the media often chooses to ignore these important issues. 


I can’t wait to see the play which I hope to be an honest insight into womanhood which we do not usually see played out in art. Without important work like this, such subjects can only remain taboo. Get your tickets here, review to come in March. 



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