LGBT History Month

February is LGBT History Month
There are so many amazing events as part of this month, sadly many of them are during the week when I can’t attend or geographically too far away from Leeds for me to get to. 

These are the events I’d love to go to (even if I can’t). Check them out if you’re nearby! 

Leeds Queer Stories (Leeds City Museum), 29 January – May 2016

Actually, I probably am going to pop to this one at some point before it closes. Find the exhibition at Leeds City Museum and explore culture, equality and the struggle for change.l

Queer Contact (Manchester)

One of my favourite independent theatres which dedicates a little over a month of every year to LGBTQ performances. Find a full list of the performances here. Tickets are reasonably priced and the venue strikes up a wonderful balance between intimate and spectacular. Having seen Ursula Martinez and the thought provoking feminist production ‘Sister‘ here I can wholehartedly recommend. 

Love Throughout History (British Museum) 

12 February 6:30-8:30pm, drop into this free event to witness performances and talks. The full programme can be downloaded on The British Museum’s website but at a glance there’s everything from adult colouring in to a love poetry workshop (so wish I could attend) to performances from an LGBT friendly choir. Why do all the best events have to happenin the City, eh? 

The Times of Harvey Milk – The Hive (Shrewsbury), 2:30 – 4:30 on 14th February 2016

Ignorant, some might say, I first learned about Harvey Milk (political pioneer) from watching Milk (not available on Netflix at last check but you need to see this film). Since then I’ve visited The Castro in San Francisco (eat at Harvey’s if you’re ever there) and learned a little more at the GLBT Museum (this isn’t a travel blog but again, visit if you’re in the state. It’s a five dollar donation to enter and is small but perfectly formed and an incredibly moving experience) and keep meaning to get a biography on the, quite simply, awe-inspiring person he was. So, if you’re free stop by and watch this showing of a documentary about the man himself.


LGBT Voices at Manchester Central Library 
If you’re in the city, take a trip to the stunning Central library at 2:30pm on 26th February and listen to talks, recordings and performance from the community talking about the city. You can just pop by or if you’re otherwise engaged take a listen to some clips online.

Inspired by…Ruth Hunt 
If you’re in Wales you should book into this free event to hear the Chief Executive of Stonewall speaking (22nd February from 5:30pm). A truly inspirational woman, anyone who can attend is sure to be pleased they attended.


What are you doing to celebrate LGBT History month?  


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