So, my birthday is coming up

Shout out to anyone else who was born on Valentines Day.

I hate Valentines, not because I’m single or bitter (those two aren’t connected) but because, as bratty as this may be, I WANT MY BIRTHDAY TO BE ABOUT ME. Not all the lovey dovey couples holding hands. I especially don’t want to pay (or my wife to pay) twice as much for food at a restaurant because of the date of my birthday. 

As we all know, around your birthday everyone’s asking what you want. And this year it’s been tricky.

I blame being extremly content, verging on vomit-inducing happiness. And that’s made me not so very materialistic. It happened at Christmas too. Truth is I a) prefer to give presents these days and b) want things that are useful, which is maybe not so good for blog content.

So here’s my birthday wishlist 2016:

This beautiful ALDO bag, from ASOS. I really, really need a new everyday handbag and this is just stunning (although I really wouldn’t expect it, I did suggest vouchers towards from my Dad). 

A couple of books. Specifically I’m after The Price of Salt, WordPress for Dummies and a biography on Harvey Milk.


Some time. I’m rubbish at slowing down, doing nothing. I’d really like a couple of days of doing nothing but perhaps writing and meditation (but I’m going on a retreat later in February and this might be exactly the ticket).

Pyjamas, I’m talking a flannel, unsexy number that will be perfect for a weekend of lulling around with no bra, no makeup and hair in a top knot while I read The Guardian and drink tea. Oh and some slippers. 

A fancy keyring. I know it sounds lame, but my car/work keys really need to look less scruffy. While we’re at it a new case for my phone, this one’s battered, even though it’s cool as hell.

A new outfit. The kind that makes you feel a million dollars but that I feel comfortable in and can wear A LOT.



THIS JACKET. Which I am basically in love with.  

Oh, and I won’t be doing a ‘birthday haul’. Sorry, but aren’t they just the Queen of the Humblebrag? “Oh look at all this STUFF I got”.

What’s on your wishlist at the minute?


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