It’s time to give something up

Yesterday was pancake day and we all enjoyed lots (I hope). I opted for golder syrup and lemon and sugar on mine (not the same pancake, obviously) but on social media I saw lots of variety from healthy or vegan options to American inspired maple syrup and bacon ones. 
Now it’s over, you know what that means? 

39 sleeps until Easter (which is a mini-Christmas when you’re a fully fledged adult with a job. 4 mammoth days off to eat chocolate for breakfast. ERM YES PLEASE). It also means that some people, religious or not, will make a sacrifice for lent. Last year I gave up Facebook and wrote about it afterwards (little did I know that only a few months after I’d give up properly, forever).

This year I won’t be giving anything up but I thought about things we could all do with stopping… Here are my thoughts


Stop bloody moaning. It isn’t as bad as all that, I promise. I’m a pain for it and sometimes get negativity blinkers where I only see the bad. Things are as bad as you make them and a little posititvity can go a long way.

Slagging people off

You do it more than you think. Next time you’re about to moan about someone behind their back, think about if you’d say it to their face. If you wouldn’t it isn’t constructive so button it. Bet people will like you way more for it. 

Showing off

I’m looking at you, the humblebragger in the bag. I’m seeing a lot less of this since I gave up Facebook but seriously, it’s transparent and no one cars. So it is great when something nice happens but not everyone needs to hear about it. Let them find out organically, no matter how proud of it you are. 

Hmm, I think chocolate’s easier….. You? 


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