How to show someone you love them


It’s the day we celebrate love (and basics instagram photos captioned ‘Boy did good‘ to show off their many gifts).

There are so many ways to show someone you love them without spending the earth. Here’s some of the ways I think you can do that without spending a fortune on ALL THE STUFF.

  1. When you can’t choose half and half pizza, opting for the topping your Love loves.
  2. Speaking of pizza, giving them the slightly bigger half.
  3. Sitting quietly through a film you hate cos they love it (Grand Budapest Hotel).
  4. Letting them choose Chinese or Indian when you secretly have a preference.
  5. Going somewhere you don’t want to go as their plus one because they don’t want to go alone (I’m talking that ladies only charity night in 2012. This is both a plus and a minus of a lesbian relationship.)
  6. Not hating them when their illogical anxiety ruins Wednesday night and you go to bed early despite your previous other, more fun plans. And actually, looking after them instead of being pissed.
  7. Saving cute photos and videos to peruse together.
  8. Playing a Shane Ward reference game via text.
  9. Do funny dances in a morning to start the working day off how it should start.
  10. Look after them when they’re poorly   
  11. And tell them they look good even though they look awful.
  12. Being the person to be there when things are shit.
  13. Lend them your toothbrush if they forget theirs.
  14. Put aftersun on their sunburn. Gently.
  15. If you’re choosing a photo for Instagram, don’t pick the one where they blink.
  16. Retweet their funny tweets when no one else has.
  17. Make them a mixtape
  18. Buy them something because it reminds you of them. I’m talking a cat encyclopaedia, just because. 
  19. Kiss them before you leave. Every time. Even if you’re only going for a poo.
  20. Tell them when they look good. 
  21. Have fun together.
  22. Let yourself relax with them. 
  23. Let them have time alone when they need to. 
  24. Make their lunch.
  25. Put a note in there to make them smile.
  26. Keep their secrets.
  27. Have an in joke and reference it in public where only you two know what’s being said.
  28. Eat the bits of their meal they don’t like when you’re at your parents’ house.
  29. Snuggle them while they sleep.
  30. Wash the outfit you know they’ll want on dress-down Friday. Without being asked.
  31. Hold their hair back when they’ve had too much wine.
  32. Go to pick up the takeaway food after a lazy Sunday so they can stay in their pyjamas.
  33. Support their hairbrain schemes (even when I say I’m going to write a book a million times, but never actually start the book)
  34. When you have some spare cash, share it and don’t just splash it out on all the shit you want.
  35. Take a day trip somewhere they’ve always wanted to go.
  36. Brush their hair after the shower.
  37. Don’t be cross when their feet hurt in the shoes you warned them about. 
  38. Listen to their choice of CD on roadtrips.
  39. Text them goodnight. 
  40. Or good morning.
  41. Or that you’re thinking of them.
  42. Be properly happy when something good happens to them.
  43. Apologise when you’re wrong.
  44. Mean it.
  45. Make breakfast in bed.
  46. Or go out for breakfast.
  47. Go out just for pudding.
  48. Go out for a McFlurry at 1:00am because they want something cold and sweet in mid-Winter. 
  49. Have a nickname for your SO (and save them in your phone as it).
  50. Use a banging photo of them as your phone screensaver.

How will you be showing your love today?



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