A blogging apology

I write today from Lipstick at Weekends’ new HQ; that being my very own front room. A lot’s been going on since I last had the opportunity to write. In fact, the last thing I scribbled was a review of The Curse, the very next day my wonderful wife and I became homeowners. There was a weekend of lots of lifting and carrying, a couple of days of unpacking and a week of homewear shopping.

We spent Easter Weekend painting our small and perfectly formed front room mustard and grey and not long after the sofa was delivered (with only a few hiccups along the way). Having our very own little patch of the world is a huge deal and it’s been wonderful- as well as extremely busy. Which is why I haven’t had a minute to blog.

Excitingly I have written a travel piece that’s been published in the May issue of Diva magazine, a publication for Lesbian and Bisexual women that I’ve been reading for years!

Now I want to concentrate on writing as much as I can about whatever I can (including fiction – I’m aiming to attend the Write Like a Grrrl workshop in May and might even publish a short story or two afterwards). So this is an apology and a “will do better”. I hope you’ll enjoy watching Lipstick at Weekends grow over the rest of 2016.


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