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This month I’m taking part in my first ever blog challenge #BEDM, I’ll be blogging every single day in May. I’ll be sticking wherever possible to the themes set over on the Rosalillium blog (although I might have to be a little abstract at times). It sounds dead easy but one of the main challenges I’ve faced as a blogger is not getting content out when I’m busy in other areas of my life (take the couple of months up to now, for instance). But I also think it’ll be a great way to get creativity flowing and get out of a little funk I’ve found myself in.
I nearly didn’t write this post, not because I didn’t want to I just didn’t realise today was May 1st. 

It’s the bank holiday weekend that’s got me all afluster, I think. As far as bank holidays go this isn’t my favourite so far, I’m alone at home because my wife’s visiting her bestie out in Hong Kong and I’m missing her terribly. Anyway, I’m heading off for afternoon tea later with a friend (and I’ll be posting a review shortly so watch out) so that’ll perk me up and I anticipate I’ll be returning so full of cakes that I have to be cut out of my jeans and air lifted into my jogging bottoms to enjoy My Girl with the heating on. Or that’s the aim, at least.

I actually already have a little ‘About Me’ section on the blog which you can read here

If you read the blog regularly, you’ll probably notice I keep my professional life off of it (hope that’s not an issue) but I’m an open book when it comes to my personal life. Born in Bradford I lived there my whole life before studying at The University of Liverpool. Since returning (I graduated in 2012) I’ve lived in Bradford, Halifax, Leeds and I’ve just bought a house back in Halifax with my wife. Oh yeah, I’m married as of 1 June last year and we honeymooned in San Francisco and Hawaii (it was an absolute dream, more about that later in the month). And we live with Dylan the westie and Herbie the tabbie cat. 

This year I refused to make any resolutions as such, because we all just break them by February (and look, it’s already bloody May- sidenote, where is this year going?!) But I’m currently trying to read more (and more varied) books, despite the fact that I’m a terribly slow reader (I love it, it just takes a while). I’m also on Slimming World (it’s very early days), inspired by a friend who’s lost a whopping five and a half stone over the last 18 months. 3 weeks in I’m 10 1/2lb lighter than I used to be. I’ll try not to be one of those annoying people who talks about their diet all the time but these themes may (or may not) crop up on the blog going forward in the form of book reviews, recommendations, recipes and such. I also want to go on more day trips this year so watch this space!

So that’s me telling you all something new. Off to read some other blogs now- enjoy BEDM!

Laura x



  1. Hi, I did this last November.. Yes Rosalilum does it twice a year!
    I’m doing it as my blog has been neglected and I’m basically a lazy mare!
    Look forward to catching some of your posts.
    @soosieboo over on Twitter.


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