What’s in yer bag?

Todays #BEDM topic is ‘What’s in your bag?’ (I always thought it was rude to ask a lady that?!) It’s a bit of an unusual one for me, but in the spirit of always accepting a challenge I thought to hell with it!

My bag

I love this bag. It’s black leather by Jasper Conran and it’s a great size (I love to fill it with crap!) It’s not the most expensive but it goes with everything and it’s smart enough for work or weekends.

How do I fill it?

I emptied my bag and found no less than 6 lipsticks (this isn’t a set up!) I don’t have a favourite brand and more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better. I tend to choose based on colours and love reds, berries and nudes.

A business card from a lovely blogger I met at Ice Lolly’s  recent event, I love reading her blog since then. You can check out her blog here.

A half full book of stamps. Because I’m a real life adult and sometimes I post things places.

Car Keys so I can get places (plus get into myhouse, work). My wife has an arrow that matches up with this heart keyring ❤

I keep my purse in my bag too. Sometimes a moth graces me with its presence when I open it (just kidding!)

By way of a confession, my bag usually half this empty or tidy. I cleared it out only last weekend (before I knew I’d be writing this post!)

So, I’ve told you… What’s in your bag, then? 


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