5 lots of 5 things

Today is 5 May. Woah. When did that happen? I blinked and was just back from welcoming in 2016 in Reykjavik and now it’s almost halfway through the year and the weather’s on the up and it’s nearly time for me to put my Uggs away and pop on my jelly sandals.

So I thought I’d do 5 lists of 5 for you to enjoy (in celebration of 5/5 and all that)…

5 UK daytrips I want to take this year:

1) Leicester Space Centre

2) Bath 

3) Cadbury World

4) Newcastle (I’ve heard there’s some cracking museums up there!)

5) Somewhere in the countryside without phone signal

Photo cred: Elliot Brown, Flickr.com

5 things I want to achieve this month

1) Actually blog every day

2) Finish the 3 books I have on the go…

3) …start the 2 others in the queue

4) Lose 7lb by the time we go away for our anniversary

5) Meditate regularly

5 Holidays I want to take before I’m 30

1) Nyc (but not justthe touristy bit)

2) Bali

3) Copenhagen 

4) Stockholm

5) Island hopping in Greece

Photo Cred: Roland Turner, Flickr.com

5 things I missed [tickets for] innocent in 2016 I’m going to do in 2017

1) L Fest

2) Innocent Unplugged

3) Edinburgh Fringe

4) Live at Leeds

5) A writing course at the Bowery

5 things I’m grateful for 

1) My friends and family. Especially my wife who I’m currently missing very much.

2) A job I love 

3) The opportunity to learn, and keep learning

4) My health. I may not always love my body but it’s got my back.

5) Being taught that if you put your mind to it, anyhing’s possible.

I’m thinking I’ll revisit this post on 5/5/17 and check off how far I got.. What do you think?



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