Top tips for a week on your own


A week on your own might be just what the doctor ordered sometimes. Other times you might find yourself all on your lonesome when you don’t want to be. I did this week when Mrs Wife went to Hong Kong to visit her best friend.

I’ll be fine, I thought. I’m a young, independent woman and 9 sleeps isn’t all that long. Then one day I sobbed at a song on  Spotify and realised I’m not so good at being on my own.

So I thought I’d share my top tips, just in case you find yourself on your own this weekend (or ever).

  1. Make some plans
    Doing nothing is fun for about 20 minutes. Don’t get bored, it makes you lonely so have some things to fill your day.
  2. Plan your meals
    Or you’ll end up eating junk or food that isn’t so great. Why not try a new recipe or look up recipes for one?
  3. Put together an awesome Netflix ‘List’
    Because there’s sod all on TV. I’m talking shit chick flicks, documentaries, real life dramas. If you’re like me stay away from anything scary.
  4. Load up on bubble bath supplies
    Take time to self care. Grab a bath bomb, a bottle of matey, candles. You know the drill.
  5. Grab an early night and an early morning
    Watch the sun rise. It’s so peaceful in a morning and you can enjoy the quiet on your own. And the early night? You’ll need it if you’re getting up at 5, take a book and let yourself nod whenever you’re ready.

What do you do to enjoy time on your own? 



  1. I rather like being on my own. Hubby is never away..I used to like it when he was on 12 hour nights. Out of the house by 6pm. So dinner on my own, followed by entering a few competitions, reading and catching up on tv programmes he didn’t want to watch.


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