I should be more spontaneous

I’m writing Saturday’s blog post in the bath at nearly midnight with sleepy eyes refusing to miss a day of blogging when I’ve accepted a challenge.

I’m on the go from around 7am tomorrow (so by the time you read this I’m probably well into my day already).

I’m catching 10 minutes downtime before bed plus I need to wash my hair ready for a busy Saturday.

I’d planned to have a quiet evening of blogging tonight. I’d probably have done some cleaning and got an early night. But I decided to pop to work’s pub quiz last minute (well I decided at 2pm after weeks of insisting it wasn’t my bag).

Our team came last. And I laughed until my tummy ached. And I learnt that sometimes by planning everything I might actually be missing out, even though I do it to make the most out of my free time.

This month’s challenge is blogging every day in May but for June I might try to be spontaneous more. (Must try not to plan to be spontaneous,  it defeats the object).

What tips have you got for a born planned trying to be more spur of the moment?



  1. I like those occasions where someone says ‘oh come on! You’ll enjoy it!’ Even if I dont feel like joining!
    Being spontaneous keeps us from falling into life’s ruts.


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