Food in Leeds, Sukothai

One of my favourite restaurants is Sukothai. There are four restaurants in Leeds and Harrogate and I usually go to the ones in Chapel Allerton or Headingley. Open since 2002, the restaurants have won national prizes for quality including several appearances in The Good Food Guide and recognition by The Sunday Times.

Understandably then, the restaurants get extremely busy and it’s usually necessary to book. There’s also the opportunity to learn how to cook some of Sukothai’s popular dishes at their ‘Chef’s Master Classes’. These classes aren’t cheap at £50.00 each but I’d love to invest in attending to see how it’s done and have the opportunity to learn to make something impressive at home!

I discovered Sukothai a little over 3 years ago; we went with work and I fell for the decor, atmosphere and most of all the impeccable food. Since then, it’s been my restaurant of choice for thai food, particularly on special occasions, and I’ve even opted for take out sometimes. I have to say it’s so luxurious to eat great quality thai food in pyjamas with a good film on. And that’s the thing – the take out is just as great for quality and flavour as the food delivered to your table by the smartly dressed and friendly waiting staff when you eat in.

We visited the Headingley restaurant this weekend. I treated myself to the Sukothai Passion mocktail, for a change. I’m usually boring and have a diet coke but for the first time I noticed mocktails on the drinks menu and as the sunshine was out I decided to treat myself. Mocktails are reasonable at £4.95 each and this particular one was so refreshing! 

The starters at Sukothai are so indulgent. Although I don’t usually choose fish, the Scallops are to die for (and reasonably priced). I also really enjoy the spring rolls (a little less adventurous) and the deep fried mushrooms. The portion sizes of starters are generous so make sue you leave room for mains!

My two favourite meals on the menu are Pad Nam Prik Pao which is a mixture of vegetables strifried with your choice of meat cooked in chilli oil and Gang Panaeng, a rich curry with coconut milk and lime leaves. I always choose the egg fried rice but there’s a selection of other accompanyments to choose from. There’s a Sunday buffet which I still haven’t been to but I keep meaning to becauseit might mean that I get something other than my beloved favourites!

Pad Nam Prik Pao (X1 on the menu)

If you’re out for a treat have dessert, why not try a Thai favourite and have the Tea Cake and Ice cream, described on the menu as ‘a slice of Thai tea flavoured sponge cake layered and topped with condensed milk frosting, served with warm vanilla ice cream’? Or finish off with a pot of tea.
Have you tried Sukothai? Where else is great for food in Leeds?


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  1. […] Thai food is my favourite and Leeds has no shortage of good restaurants. Chaopraya has a feeling of being upmarket and, while there’s often offers available, is a bit of a treat (a 2 course meal for two with soft drinks rings in at around £65). There are branches all over the UK and from what I’ve read (though I’ve only been to my closest) all are similar in feel with some being contemporary and others being ‘heritage’  restaurants. Chaopraya offers an escape through fine dining and the atmosphere is fun and relaxed.  […]


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