A summer walk at Bolton Abbey

Summer’s popped it’s face into our lives and it’s time to start spending a bit of time outdoors. 
I’ve decided to stop worrying about hair and make up being ruined and make a real effort to be more of an outside kid (traditionally I love to be indoors, even in summer. I can’t help it!)

So, I went to Bolton Abbey this weekend for the first time in years.

The drive there was beautiful, we took lots of A-roads and we’re actually much closer than we thought. We arrived after a little under an hour of driving with an awesome playlist to boot (keep a look out for a playlist suggestion coming up on the blog soon.). 

Bolton Abbey’s a great day out if you’re after something cheap to so – parking’s £8.00 for the day but entry to the stunning grounds is free.

There’s areas to have barbecues and you can paddle in the water. We arrived at lunch having already eaten but next time we’ll take a picnic. We took a wander then had a coffee before turning back as we had plans in the evening. You could easily spend a whole day here and next time we’ll probably visit a little earlier and stay longer to enjoy the stunning scenery. If you want to go for an evening stroll bear in mind that parking prices remain the same and last entry is at 5:30pm.

Dogs are welcome and there’s enough space that even when it’s busy it doesn’t feel crowded. It almost felt as if we were abroad with the gorgeous sun and the relaxed and friendly atmosphere. 

It made me feel so lucky to be able to call Yorkshire home.

So now we want to take more day trips in and around Yorkshire to places we can walk with Dylan our West Highland Terrier. Where do you recommend?



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