Food Glorious Food – Afternoon Tea at The Fox in Ripponden

I’ve heard great things about afternoon tea at The Fox in Ripponden and couldn’t wait to try it for myself. The Picnic Table afternoon
tea is so popular I did wonder if anyone ever ate anything else on the menu (it didn’t seem like it when I visited one Sunday). It gets extremely busy so make sure you book in advance (and be ready to pay a five pound deposit deductable from the bill).

We were seated upstairs out of the bar area with a couple of larger parties (The Fox is evidently popular for Baby Showers). The afternoon tea is whopping and for £16.95 (or £19.95 with proscecco) you get all of this:

Lemon Chicken Ciabatta, White Onion Soup with Croutons, Warm Homemade Sausage Roll, Strawberry & Goat’s Cheese Salad, Mini Fish and Chips, Frosted Orange Drizzle Cupcake, Mini Scone with Jam & Cream, Chocolate Brownie, White Chocolate Mousse, Macaroon, Chocolate dipped Marshmallows, Wedge of Melon and a Milkshake.

The savoury section of the picnic table is impeccable. 

I started with the goats cheese and strawberry salad (logic being this’d be my least favourite bit). It was delicious. I’m not normally a fan of goats cheeste but the sweetness of the strawberry took away the tartness I usually dislike. I’m going to try this combination in the summer to shake up a salad. The rest of the savoury layer was also delicious, I can’t choose whether I liked the chicken ciabatta, mini fish and chips or sausage roll the best.

Unfortunately I didn’t have enough clean cutlery for the sweet section or a second plate. It’s not usually a problem with afternoon tea but then this gave a few alternatives to the usual finger sandwhiches with cress.

I had mixed feelings about the sweet section. The small scones (a staple of any afternoon tea) didn’t taste freshly baked and came ready filled. I didn’t love them (or the orange cupcake that looked very much home made, too much so in my opinion). The chocolate brownie, white chocolate mousse and milkshake were however delicious. We didn’t get the dipped marshmallows which I wasn’t too fussed about but would have liked an extra little something or for the waiting staff to let us know out of courtesy.

The feast of minatures was served with a mug (not a pot) of tea. Which truth be told I was slightly disappointed with. I have an issue with tea in a mug not a pot, especially when it’s part of afternoon tea. I’d also prefer use of Yorkshire or Twinings tea, or at least a choice of tea (I’d have quite liked an Earl Grey). 

As far as afternoon tea goes this is a quirky, non traditional option. What it lacks in finesse on the top (sweet) layer it makes up for in originality and quality of the savoury items. I also think it’s excellent value for the price and The Foxes’ relaxed atmosphere makes for an enjoyable afternoon. I think I’ll be going again. 

Where do you recommend for a great Afternoon Tea?



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