My thirteen unluckiest moments

It’s the day of bad luck so I’m sharing some unlucky moments n my life.

1. When I stepped on a wasps’ nest on holiday

2. When I broke down on the dual carriageway

3. And the second time that happened

4. When I drove the wrong way down a dual carriageway by accident

5. When I lost my phone in a freezer getting an ice lolly on a hot day

6. When my car broke down IN THE FAST LANE

7. When I spilt any liquid I touched at the most inappropriate moment. Most recently a meeting at work.

8. All the times I’ve lost my keys.

9. When I nearly won a holiday but not quite

10. The time I went to a new hairdressers and it turned out this particular hairdresser would ruin my hair and I’d have to drive 70 miles home from uni to my original hairdresser to fix it

11. I managed to lock my car keys into my own car

12. The one time my cat got out he got knocked over

13. I missed the first ep of Girls Series 5

Writing this list was actually really hard, which makes me feel really lucky.

How was your Friday 13th?


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