Eurovision 2016 – my favourites

How can you not LOVE Eurovision? If you don’t this post probably isn’t for you (also, we can’t be friends).
Part of the joy for me is that the sones I love never seem to do very well. 

Eurovision 2016 saw a new results revelation system that no onequite understood but provided a great twist at the end. 
Ukraine were victorious pipping Australia to the post at the last minute with their politically charged number 1944.
I know, I know, you’re thinking exactly what everyone’s thinking – why the fuck are Australia now competing? That’s an answer I’m simply not qualified to give. Soz. To be quite honest I don’t even thing Graham Norton (side-note – GN had such amazing sass this year) knows. 

So the results are here. But if I had my way this is who’d have been top 5 and why. 

5. Netherlands

The song sounded like it’d be okay on the radio and I liked their guitar playing. 

4. Bulgaria

I fancied their entry. I’m sorry, I never said this list was impartial, it’s literally anything but. 

3. United Kingdom

So they borrowed 2 of 1 Direction. It wasn’t our worst entry ever and it was very okay in my eyes.  

2. Italy 

The song and the staging were wow, as were her dungarees which I still wish I’d got married in. 

1. Sweden

Hans is Sweden’s answer to Justin Beiber. What a cutie and he’s only 17. Plus I liked the song. 

Who got your vote?


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