Sometimes I can’t write

I was kicking myself this morning.


I’ve been doing so well at the Blog Every Day in May challenge. Sometimes I’ve stuck to the theme, more often I’ve gone off on a huge tangent. 17th May is International Day against homophonbia, Transphobia and Biphobia and I’d planned to share some statistics with my readers about why it’s such an important day.

I, for one reason or another, had had a rough day. Even blasting Sia on the way home couldn’t help me out of a really grotty mood. So I crawled through my front doot, with a sore throat, headache and busy mind and planned to blog when I felt better. Which I obviously would after a bath and a face mask.

Only I was so tired. I needed to sleep. So I laid on my bed, curtains open and nodded as the sun went down. So I didn’t blog every day in May.

Today I wanted to write about some of the things that cause me to miss a day, or a week or a month blogging – I wonder how many other bloggers can relate?


So sometimes you can’t help but be busy. Too busy to write. You have to work late, then you’ve committed to volunteering, when you get home walking the dog has to take priority then the house won’t clean itself, tea has to be made and before you know it it’s bedtime. You haven’t had a minute to blog, let alone take any half decent photos and you really must sleep because it’s only Wednesday. It isn’t all chores, though. Sometimes you’re having so much fun that you need to have it instead of writing about it. And that’s okay.


When I have that awful feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach the mood isn’t really right for letting my creative juices flow. I read somewhere this week that writing can actually help with anxiety but I just don’t really feel like it when my mind’s all over. And sometimes I don’t feel anxious for a long, long time. “I’m cured, I’m fixed!” I think to myself. Then sometimes, like a flood, it washes over me for weeks or more at a time. And scribbling something light hearted just won’t seem to come.

Lack of Content

Sometimes I don’t have much to write. I don’t want to review the restaurant we ate at, because it would be more like a moan. My new lipstick isn’t quite the right colour and I haven’t been anywhere particularly special. Do you ever think you’d rather not write than put trash up all over your blog? Me too.


What stops you writing? 



One comment

  1. I think everyone who blogs has “down days” when they struggle to write. I know I do! I think the key is to just keep going. It also helps to have a blog plan or calendar, so that you know what to write about.


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