The Baca Journey, a review

The Baca Journey is an online meditation subscription run by American Laurie. If you’re a regular reader of Lipstick at Weekends you’ll know how positively I feel about meditation and its numerous benefits so when I was given the opportunity* to partake with the Baca Journey, I felt it was something I couldn’t refuse.

I still wasn’t 100% sure what to expect when the first session one Wednesday evening at 8:00pm rolled around. I’d had a shower and bounded downstairs with wet hair and pyjamas and set up an area to meditate with my cushion and blanket. I was surprised when I realised that I, along with Laurie and the other participants, was on webcab – I’d wrongly assumed the session would be a live broadcast but that any comments would be typed by viewers. The use of webcam in this setting was both a blessing and a curse for me. I remembered (after the first session) not to attend with wet hair etc but found that sometimes I felt conscious of being visible to others while I meditated. On the other hand, while I initially thought that feeding back post meditation would be difficult, having the opportunity to do so proved incredibly rewarding and something that I’d not had the opportunity to do either when meditating alone or when I’d been to groups which usually have more participants and so are less focussed in many ways.

The sessions weren’t without some difficulty. As with any meditation, sometimes distraction can cause difficulties particularly if, like me, you have a dog who chooses mid-silent meditation to bark! I also had internet connection difficulties on the final week which meant that I couldn’t feedback.

I haven’t had the opportunity to meditate silently in the past and I enjoyed it even more than I thought I would, though I think these sessions would only be suitable for people with some experience of meditation. 

The sessions were set out with a brief (10 minute) talk by Laurie with a general topic and guidance as to what to consider during the meditation followed by the silent meditation of around 20 minutes and feedback at the end. One particularly rewarding session I’d almost rainchecked on (if you can’t attend the session, you have the opportunity to listen again later) when I’d had a rough day and felt stressed. I hear your cries at the back ‘but that’s a perfect opportunity to meditate‘ but I sometimes find that it’s too much of a distraction and that I end up dwellingn on stress. The opposite happened and I felt physically and mentally refreshed afterwards.

This platform could be excellent for some people – those who don’t live near enough to a meditation class or prefer to meditate at home for any reason and can fit in with life no matter how busy you are. It’ll work best if the group are all committed (one session only I was able to attend). I’d also be really interested in Laurie running a guided meditation course!

All you need to partake in the Baca Journey is a compatible device (mobile, tablet, computer) and internet connection and there’s a monthly subscription fee, if you’re interested you can find out more here.

Would you try meditating online? 


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