Welcome to my world: Interviews

So, for the first time in a long time I had an interview recently.

ICYMI yes I did get the job and in 4 weeks the new adventure begins. I’ll be blogging and writing and reading a lot more because instead of driving in I’m going to be headed in the opposite direction to where I do now on the train. So I figured, with an hour twenty of train time each day (totting up to 6 hours 40 over the week) it means I can basically have nearly a full working week each month worth of time to scribble, which I’m really looking forward to. 

Photo cred: Sportsuburban (Flickr.com)

Before I attended my interview I mooched around for a couple of hours in Waterstones (because yes, I was 2 full hours early for the interview but you know what I say- and I stress, I didn’t come up with this quote, I think it might have been Shakespeare but I also say itbetter three, [in this case two] hours too early than a minute too late). So I mooched around picking up books, reading the blurb and replacing them. Then I made a pot of tea last an hour before wandering round again. 

I spotted so many books I wanted. So many. But I didn’t buy the famous essay about being Other or the book about how to teach men to be feminists because I thought that turning up with a  shopping bag would look terrible. I also internally bargained with myself ‘if you get the job, you can buy these on your first day but otherwise you don’t deserve them. Capiche? Capiche.” I’m a member of the maffia when I chatter  internally, obviously. And I left empty handed. 

Left for the interview, where I thought all of the following.

Okay, 15 minutes isn’t too early.

What’s the name of the lady I should ask for at reception again?

I definitely got that name wrong.

Why’s my surname so long. It takes up too much space on this ‘visitors pass’

Sit facing outwards, you can peple watch.

Should have sat in the other chair so you could watch the news.

How long have I been sat here?

How is it only 2:48?

I forgot to change into my heels. Great.

It’s hot in here.

This office is way fancier than what I’m used to.

Could that be the lady? 

My mouth’s so dry. Will they offer me water?

Did I say good morning? 

I should have checked my lipstick.

Why are they asking about my about me section and not my work history?

Do they hate me?

Is this going well?

I think it’s going well.

But could it be too well?

I nailed that question.

But I’m speaking quickly.

Slow it down, Laura. 

And stop moving your hands so much.

Make more eye contact. But not in a creepy way.

Do I have any questions? Why can’t I think of any questions?

They’re laughing at my joke. Are they laughing with me? 

The interview’s coming to a close. That felt quick.

What time is it? Should have worn a watch. 

Ask when they’ll make a decision.

Right, shake hands. Smile.

Why are they telling me to enjoy the rest of the afternoon? That’s a bad sign, isn’t it? Or a good sign? 

Have I picked up my bag? Oh yes it’s here. That’d be embarrassing.

Eighteen pound for parking? This is either an investment or a massive waste of enough money for both the books I really wanted in Waterstones.

Did they hate me? 

I thought it went well but now I’m not so sure.

Don’t stress, it’s over. You either get it or you don’t.

And if you don’t they obviously hated you.

But it’s good experience either way. 
Am I completely normal? Do you have all of the above when you’re at an interview?


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