Is it just me who thinks that in years to come psychologists will prove that a whole generation is suffering some kind of mental affliction caused by portraying only the most perfect of lives online? Posting for likes and sympathy and needing instant gratification only believing people love them if they comment on something they’ve shared on the Internet.

We won’t know how to converse because over the years communication will dwindle thanks to everyone’s response to anything being ‘oh yeah, I saw on your Facebook/Instagram/Twitter’.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch your baby has yogurt smeared all over its head, you don’t understand the political views you’re so vocal about online and bragging about what your boyfriend got you this weekend only partially covers the fact that everyone knows you hate each other irl.

That’s without all the current babies whose whole life from being seconds old has been splashed over the Internet.  BEFORE, EVEN! Photos of them in the actual womb, floating around like a little blob of grey in the blackness of their Mother’s tummy are carelessly scattered into the oblivion of the world wide web before they even arrive into the world.

And now we have a day to celebrate it. To snap photos, to carefully select 140 characters about, to think we’re clever , to blog over (*cough*).

So, my comments are tongue in cheek. If you’re personally offended at what’s been written have a look at what you’re doing online. But social media is absolutely mad when you think about it. And yet I’m not brave enough to completely disconnect, despite loving the ‘freedom’ I’ve found in the 12 months since I quit Facebook.

It’s an epidemic and it’s not going anywhere.  Happy #socialmediaday everyone.


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