On Friday 1 July I was treated to a viewing of Absolutely Fabulous the Movie organised by Down at The Social in partnership with Canal Street at the Odeon in the Printworks, Manchester.

Before the screening we took to the red carpet outside the screen with a Stolly Bolly (okay, personal bottles of Proscecco) and Patsy and Eddie masks- we even got papped by the photographers! Inside, the seats were adorned with popcorn and a full house gathered for the show. There were drag queens (also hosting the official afterparty down at Cruz 101) and comedy and it was great to see some people in fancy dress (shout out to the lady dressed as Edy who got very much into character). 

The film itself is like a grown up Spice World the Movie. It’s easy to watch and for big fans that have been there from the beginning (like my wife) and for those who are new to the party (me – I’d never watched Ab Fab until recently, having wrongly presumed it wouldn’t be my cup of tea) there are still loads of laughs. 

The premise is this: Eddie tries to become Kate Moss’ new PR and comedic drama unfolds when she accidentally knocks her into the Thames. The film seemed to fly by and the atmosphere in the screening was excellent with laughs and some friendly heckling from viewers in parts. It was so good my wife is seeing it again soon!

The screening was lively and the sense of community was strong- thank you for a great night all!

Have you seen the film, what are your thoughts?


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