Must Visit Mod Pizza

​I’d heard about Mod Pizza and been dying to try it- now I have and you absolutely have to, too.

Born in Seattle, the premise is that mains are a set price (£7.47 for an 11 inch pizza, with a smaller option available for little humans) and you can create your own pizza (or salad) either completely from scratch or by adding or taking away from one of their ‘classics’. If bespoke isn’t what you’re after you can pick from the menu, of course .  Oh, and if you don’t like your creation? Just let the staff know and you get a free do over.

You can have as many toppings from the extensive list as you like without paying any more (I chose- take a deep breath– both red and white sauce, chicken, ground beef and spiced pork, mushrooms, red onion, peppers, garlic, mozarrella and croutons. Confession: I only realised after I said croutons that these are probably for salads). My pizza was delicious, I’ve already got some idea of what I want to try next time…

There’s also a huge range of soft drinks (which are refillable for free) not confined to the usual soft drinks and include Mod’s homemade lemonade (the berry lemonade is wonderfully refreshing) and iced tea. There’s also Mod Shakes which I’m yet to try (but really, really want to). There’s a few flavours and you get to choose the ‘mix ins’- mine would be vanilla with cookie dough!

The first Mod Pizza in the UK is in Cardigan Fields in Kirkstall, Leeds having been going in the US since 2008 and the staff are friendly without being overbearing and the restaurant itself is cool and relaxed. 
Mod Pizza is my new absolute favourite. I can really see this is going to catch on – jump on it NOW.


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