Latex at Weekends?

​The wonderful world of Groupon. My friend,  Ruth text me late one evening ‘Do you fancy this?‘ Sexhibition at Victoria Warehouse in Manchester. Why not. 

When we arrived, after my chattering constantly at Ruth for 50 miles en route, we parked in the very unofficial looking official carpark. It was early and it wasn’t too busy then- but the crowds dressed in Latex, leather, lace, harnesses and everything in between descended steadily and by mid afternoon it was lively. We’d picked an excellent day to dress sensibly, then. 
Sexhibition, in partnership with Whipler (like Tinder, with Kink I’m told although as a married, bog standard monogamy – enjoying lesbian 20 something I haven’t downloaded it) aims to challenge the negative attitudes towards sex. Adios to the Nosexpleasewe’reBritish stereotype, if you please

First things first; I am evidently Vanilla. 

When asked if I’d considered E-Play I had to first find out what it was. Surprisingly, mild electric shocking with a wand ‘wherever you like‘ isn’t my bag. I blushed at Immani Love, lesbian poet’s excellent readings (I’d missed her at L Fest so I was lucky to catch her this time). And I don’t own any latex (and don’t know if it’d favour my body type- cuddly- anyway).
There is a cinema on site, various workshops, performances (R rated) and lots of stalls where you might find something to tickle your fancy.

On paper this event wouldn’t be for me but you know what, it was fun.

We saw models of all shapes and sizes rocking the stage with body confidence you rarely see anywhere unless you follow the #effyourbeautystandards or Body Confidence Revolution accounts on social media. It was also a safe place for people to enjoy whatever it was they were into. There was also something for every taste although I did find myself explaining that Slube, a kind of jelly textured lubricant for the bath, wasn’t for me given that I can slip causing injury just getting out of a shower solo when the only lubricant is that I’ve recently cleaned the tub with Mr Muscle.

The Main Stage was hosted by the yellow haired wonder that is Alix Fox, Guardian sex writer (among many other things) and general all round intelligent, quick witted 34 year old. I think I’m her new biggest fan (and yes, I have followed her on Insta and Twitter, as if you needed any more proof). 

So yes, I’ve been to the event that was voted ‘Erotic Event of the Year’.  I might even go to ClothesShow for Sex again, if Ruth’s up for it.


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