What happened in my head when I watched GBBO. Episode 2.

You know what I thought would be fun? Again?  Watching Great British Bake Off and publishing all the things I think and say for you to read alongside catching up, or just nod and laugh at. 

And in case you wondered I typed this on realtime [and corrected after].

[[ALSO in case you wondered, chinese food accompanied my viewing this evening and seems to have slowed my thinking]].

Photo cred: @bakeoff Twitter

​No sue!?

I don’t remember that chap. Was he on last week?
Iced biscuits? Yawn. 
I like a soggy biscuit. Not crunchy.
Sheep biscuits. You’re not doing much for the stereotype, love.

Good luck anyway? Paul hates it.

Val bugs me. 

Oh hang on. No, she’s too cute.

It’s a lady’s perogative to change her mind…

Rubbing in. There’s a pun there. 

Spicy chai biscuits? Going to be rank.

Motorbiking isn’t a hobby, it’s a mode of transport.

We’re introducing your characters so your biscuit has to reflect you.

Mine would be boobs.

Uhoh Louise!

Love that colour top, Benjamina.

We’re having some trouble counting to 24 here.

Ice creams might not be identical but that’s kind of the point here…

I hate Michael but they look ace.

They look SO good. As much it pains me to say.

And they’re crap. Suck it Andrew.

Uhoh. The sheep.

Benjamina’s smashing it.

Half arsed more like.

Paul fancies Candice. So transparent, Paul.

Not as neat as I expected those bikes.

Hate her.

Why do they never make cookies?!

Here’s sue!

NICE blazer.

Omg my favourite. VIENESE WHIRLS.

If it’s soft they might have to what them?

Not the microwave!!!

Candice move up to level 2 reading. 

Some of those look shop bought!

I can’t even build one of those ikea gingerbread houses.

I can already tell she never shuts up  about that bloody wedding. 

He’s 19?!

Ah yes. Punting on the river. #unidays [Cunt]


Icing sugar won’t fix that, buddy

Oh Val. 

This was too hard.

Louise has such a bad attitude.

What the fuck is Punting, anyway? [Sam told me]

Well done posh boy. 

Val’s isn’t too bad, actually
This is completely mental “that’s Susan.  My sister

Your sister tastes lovely. That’s what she said.

Benjamina that looks like a child did it

Kates is ACE.

I didn’t even know there was more than 1 type of gingerbread?!

Uhoh. Style over substance.
I like a soft gingerbread. That’s how Greggs make them.

That jugs comment was so rehearsed. [YAWN]

Bet sue wishes she was there.

This his getting silly now.

Not as keen on that as last week’s lippy, C.

Yay. Adios Louise.  

Mel’s hair again. SO UNDERRATED.

Shut up, Val.

Cool story, Paul!
Tune in next week to get into my deepest, darkest thoughts some more ❤ 


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