What happened in my head when I watched GBBO. Episode 3.

I’m nothing if not committed to this, my little corner of the Internet. So yes, even though I’m on holiday, I watched GBBO and thought that sharing my thoughts throughout would be interesting to someone somewhere. I can already hear your cries of ‘what a hero!’, I know. 

And, yes, of course I typed this on realtime [and corrected after].

Sues hair?!

Bread week.. remember that bread lion?

Bread with chocolate?!

I want a chocolate crossiant, immediately.

Paul and Sue love Candice/Candiss.

Rav‘s is too small

Shut up Paul.

If Benjamina says it’s a Bubka it’s a bubka.

Whatever that is.

Fuck off, Kate. Nanny cobbles hated you.

A traditional, irish, Halloween loaf?!

So he can’t be bothered to double prove.

Mm toms sounds good.

I know the 1 hour, 30 mins and 30 secs warnings are all filmed at once now. Thanks to Sues autobiography.

I wish someone was making something with white chocolate 

Apparently pan au chocolate and crossiants are pastry not bread. (?!)

You’re better than that Candice. Again.

*I’d like her to fudge my timings hard* Mrs wife on candice.

I feel like candice is after the fame.

Awh they’re all helping her .

Andrew is my worst.

Paul loves it. *sigh*

That’s a bit messy for Benjamina.

That looks burnt.

Ah yes, Mary agrees


Awh, poor Candice.

Mel’s so cute.

Tom’s looks nice.  But is it bread?

Where’s Sue again?

Oh, she’s back.

Naan bread?

Danfnoodle? Still unsure how that’s spelt.

I don’t think Mary’s impressed at that.

I’d be jiggered unless the technical was ‘make a bread roll’. 

What do they do while they’re waiting? 

Stop saying Danfnoodle.

I say it again. Here is sue around candice

No- more than 15 mins, surely?

It’s a bad bunch, this

C in top 3. Hurray.

Andrew’s on for star baker this week


Actual flowers?

Do they have to make the flowers?

Or is it flours?


Oh yes, another family tradition.

Yawn. Cypriot flag blah blah.

2 types of Rye bread? Gross.

Him and his bloody window test.

It’s gunna be a noah’s ark!


Who teaches them all about how long to prove all these things?

Too much going on, Benjamina…

Mel and Sue are such Tinkers.  

Very sexist,  Celassi.

Now wash your hands please, Val.

Oh, Val.

Too much going on.

He’s a smug bastard (Andrew)

I want Paul to hate it.

He loves it, obviously.

Ah that’s how you spell Selasi

Paul can smell bullshit a mile off, Selasi.

This is a car crash.

Oh Kates so nervous.

Now so relieved. 

Oh dear. Don’t think C needs to buy any more lipsticks. 

Think C will go…

Yay, Tom.

So glad it wasn’t Andrew.

The person who will not be joining us next time is…


Did not call that.  

Bless him.

He’s calling his mum.

She will be proud. He should be proud.

Paul’s going to keep in touch with him.

Omg. ❤ ❤ 

Tom got star baker for being in the middle or just above consistently? Classic Britain.

Val you cutie.

Next week is the only challenge could nail. My Yorkshires are ace.

Filled Yorkshires? Crikey.

If Liam at my old work makes churns and I miss them I’ll be heartbroken. Liam/gang, if you’re reading this please post me a churro.

See you in a week for batter week! 


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