Self Churn Sunday

Forget about Throwback Thursday (which for longer than I care to admit I thought was ‘Turn Back Time’), it’s all about Self Churn Sunday for me from now on!

All you need to make something heavenly- without an ice cream maker!

Today I made ice cream sans an ice cream maker. I’m going to call it Lipstick at Weekends’ Self Churn Rum and Raisin and IT WAS A HIT. 

I got the recipe from here – and  it’s really easy to follow (trust me- before this my most advanced baking accolade was bog standard buns and even then they were flat).

The recipe gives you ice cream of the same consistency as you’d buy. The only trouble I had was that the raisins sank to the bottom of the ice cream (so it didn’t look all that appetising) but that wasn’t too much of an issue when it was scooped into a cone. 

It doesn’t take very long to do (and is quicker-and far less laborious- if you’re lucky enough to have an electric whisk)  and is really simple although you need to plan ahead as once prepared you have to wait a while for it to freeze (mine took about 5 hours). I was tempted to check on it far too regularly and found myself having to go out shopping as a distraction, so it could become a very expensive recipe! 
If you’re planning to try this, you do need to make sure there’s plenty of room in your freezer because it’s no good making the mixture if you’ve nowhere to freeze it!

We enjoyed my Self Churn Rum and Raisin after today’s Sunday lunch and even my father in law (who isn’t usually an ice cream fan) enjoyed it. I’ve come away this evening with requests on flavour variations that I’m eager to try (next stop chocolate and salted caramel and raspberry with white chocolate chunks).

Let me know if you have a go and how you find it- or give me some flavour ideas if you can! 


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