No Gloss Film Festival 2016

What are you doing 22 and 23 October? 

Because there’s something exciting you absolutely need a ticket to. 

No Gloss Film Festival- now in its fifth year- is an indie film fest held right here at Canal Mill in Leeds. It was here a few years ago and the space is in an awesome location, close to the city centre.

If you’re free both days why not treat yourself to the whole weekend (it’s only £24.00 for 2 solid days of fun)

? Otherwise you can go for just the Saturday or the Sunday. It’s going to be full to the brim with underground arts talent (I’m so excited to get the chance to see it all!)

There’s all sorts on so if you like films that are a little out of the ordinary this is for you. And if you don’t? Give it a whirl,you might surprise yourself. The film schedule is here and you can have a watch of some of the trailers too.

I’m most excited for Gene (which looks like it could be dark) and Golden Tuna: Montreal Sessions. I’ve spotted at least one LGBT film
too (Floating Melon- catch it on the Sunday).

If you’re peckish there’ll also be street food (

hiya- very interested in some street treats!

It’s an 18+ event (sorry, you can’t bring your smallys) and you have to get your tickets in advance- don’t just rock up on the day.

Now- who will I see there?


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